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Sylvain Grenier's Cageside Evaluation

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Today is another one of those days where trends were not going to happen. So here are some of the best comments from all you lovely folks who responded regarding Sylvain Grenier.


What you loved:

Reverend Kain:

"I see here on Wikipedia that he dressed as Santa in order to sneak attack Batista with a pipe, and got squashed for his trouble. That’s awesome and if Damien Sandow’s still in the shithouse come December, I want it re-done."


"La Resistance was a decent tag team."


"He’s got a cool name, I’ll concede that. Seriously, that’s some Bond villain shit right there. I could totally see a guy named Sylvain Grenier running guns in Britain and giving them to terrorists, so Bond has to stop him by infiltrating Grenier’s castle, seducing Grenier’s girlfriend/sister/sexy female assistant so she’d help, watching helplessly as Grenier casually shoots her for betraying him, and then blowing up the whole castle as revenge and finally killing Grenier in a shootout, both of them bloody, exhausted and nearly dead. Then Bond walks off into the sunset, depressed and dismayed. Cue credits."


"Pepperoni Pizza"


"Love: that I no longer have to work with this douchebag." Check out the rest of Alex's comments here.


What you loathed:


"I have literally never seen this man wrestle a match, I'm here for what I hope is an entertaining comment section. *Magic Johnson Eating Popcorn gif*"

The Notorious Eddie Mac:

"I remember a lot of stuff in wrestling, even the occasional obscure shit. But as God as my witness, I cannot remember for the life of me one thing Sylvan Grenier did. If I can’t remember anything you did, then you must have not been good at your job."


"Wait…. who?"


"I’ve never heard of him."


"Huh, whuzzat? Something about a wrestler? …Sylvain Grenier? Never heard of him."

Steve Sypa:

"Who the fuck is Sylvain Grenier?"

Hollywood J Blaq:

"He is memorable for not being memorable. That’s not really much to him. He doesn’t inspire anything except a bag full of "MEH."

the satyr icon:

"It would be awful if today was the day that Alex Greenfield skipped the 'Hi, My Name is...' article."


"The fact that it seems like no one has anything terribly interesting to say about Sylvain except for the handsome and talented Mister Greenfield. I wasn’t watching when he was around, and so I knew him as 'forgettable French Canadian, part of Le Resistance, fizzled out after breakup with male model gimmick.' In over 100 comments, I can’t say my perception of him widened except for the fact that he was a whiny shitbaby backstage."

On to the poll! With 119 votes, Sylvain Grenier's average score is 2.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick left just when they found their gimmick.

Until then!

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