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Video: The Rock talks one more WWE match on ESPN

As part of his public relations tour for next Friday's release of Hercules, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson spent the day at ESPN yesterday and made the rounds of their shows. In addition to promoting the Brett Ratner-directed movie that comes out in the United States on July 25th, Johnson answered questions about his football playing days at the University of Miami, his pro wrestling heritage and time in WWE, his physical transformations and more.

To close out the rapid fire question and answer session, mostly containing fan questions from Twitter with the hash tag RockonSC, Johnson was asked about coming back for one more match in WWE. His response didn't rule anything out, but also didn't sound terribly enthusiastic:

Possibly. Sure.

It didn't sound like anything he was looking forward to...and when you hear him discuss the fact that his WrestleMania 29 injuries almost cost him his role in Hercules, you can imagine why he hesitates.

In general, it was a day of the most electrifying man in sports and entertainment being his charismatic self. If, like me, you're still a mark for the guy, check out his touchdown dance at this link.

If his last run soured you on his WWE work, or you were just never a fan, then this clip where he talks about how his current physique is all the product of nutrition and exercise, and that his second match with John Cena went fifty minutes (our own Cain A. Knight puts it at twenty-five, so Rocky is indulging in Hogan-esque levels of exaggeration) will probably fuel your fire.

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