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Chyna's Cageside Evaluation

Mandy Coombes via Wikimedia Commons

What you loved:

  1. Breaking Barriers - At her peak, she was having matches with men and was booked to look just as strong, if not stronger.
  2. Female Bodyguard - She was the stoic member of DX, and played the role perfectly.
  3. Entertaining - Say what you will, she was damn good at her job.
  4. Intercontinental Champ - Yes, her.
  5. Royal Rumble - Yes, her. She was also a King of the Ring competitor.

Best comment comes via Blinkocracy:

"She broke down a lot of barriers for female performers in this industry. Chyna should have been the first of a long line of integrated female performers- if I can visually buy Rey Mysterio beating Kane, I could probably buy Gail Kim or Lita doing it too. That didn’t happen, of course, but that means Chyna serves a very unique role in the history of this business. She truly was ahead of her time. Ultimately, her historical importance outweighs her many personal failings. When we have our first female WWE Champion sometime around WrestleMania 50, it’ll be Chyna to thank for it."


What you loathed:

  1. Downward Spiral - When things went downhill, they spiraled out of control.
  2. Promos - Nope.
  3. In-Ring - For all her barrier breaking, she wasn't a great worker.
  4. Backstage Drama - Hard to separate fact from fiction in this world, but rumors persist that she wasn't exactly endearing backstage.
  5. Triple H Breakup - It really is a tragic story.

Best comment comes via Mrs Black:

"People say that she could have handled her break up with Triple H better. Maybe she could have. I think people who say that have no idea how incredibly devastating cheating can be on a person who has esteem issues. I can completely relate to that. I have had it thrown in my face that I am somehow not beautiful because I'm not light skinned or super skinny. I have had boyfriends flat out say to me that they only got with me so that they could somehow get to my supposedly ‘hotter light skinned friend’…..I can just imagine what went thru Chyna's mind to know that Triple H cheated on her with not just any younger prettier girl, but the boss' daughter of all people. And to know that everyone knew about it. And to know that her career will never be the same. Yeah, she made some super stupid decisions, but inner pain will make you do that.

I'm not saying it was okay for her to do porn. It certainly wasn't okay that it was with X-Pac. I do however understand the spiral into a dark scary place that has you drinking, drugging and doing self destructive things as a method to ease the pain. I am fortunate to have clawed my way back. It would seem that maybe she has too because I heard she’s a teacher in Japan or something. If that’s true then I am super happy for her."

On to the poll! With 246 votes, Chyna's average score is 3.5.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick should get us an epic rant.

Until then!

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