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Slapstick Saturday: HEEEEEEEE!


What has dominated the headlines at Cageside Seats this past week?

Promos and earthquakes.

Now, Slapstick Saturday is prepared to bring you the best of both, as Tugboat bookends his promo on Earthquake by bellowing HEEEEEEEEE! like when a tugboat leaves the port. Except he doesn't sound like a tugboat at all, he sounds like a fat guy yelling HEEEEEEEEE!

But dammit, in 1990, it worked.

Tugs debuted as "Tugboat Thomas" but quickly got the Cesaro treatment and had it shortened to just "Tugboat." Well, the sizable sailor was embroiled in a feud with Earthquake, but later joined the dark side, teaming with 'Quaker in "The Natural Disasters."

Though I'm sure he'll be best remembered for this shocking debut.

The good news is, Tugboat -- real name Fred Ottman -- is still alive and kicking in South Florida (he's only 57), and can often be seen at local pro wrestling conventions.

This captain apparently did not go down with his ship.

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