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Report: Emma missed June 30 WWE Raw due to shoplifting arrest

During last night's all ready kind of embarrassing in-show commercial for Twisted Tea, Santino Marella commented on his on-screen love interest, Emma, not showing up for his party.

Turns out it may have been a case of more than just the Australian NXT alum having good taste.

Brandon Stroud is reporting at Uproxx that Emma was arrested for sixth-degree larceny for trying to shoplift an iPod case from the Hartford Wal-Mart.

Emma, whose real name is Tenille Dashwood, hasn't had much to do on WWE television lately, but it was noticable that she wasn't with Marella for the kind of "comedy" bit that has been her bread & butter since her call up from Developmental.  If this report is true, and the below redacted police report from the City of Hartford website would seem to indicate that it is, then we shouldn't be looking for her role to get more prominent any time soon.



Important to note that, while it may be easy to make jokes or assume that someone who has a WWE contract should have money to buy what they want, shoplifting/kleptomaina can be a symptom of an impulse disorder, which is a clinical mental health diagnosis.  We have no idea what is or isn't going on with Emma based on the very slight reports so far, but there's always the possibility that there's more going on beneath the surface than what a quick news bite indicates.

More as we have it, Cagesiders.

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