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WWE teasing new Shield members

In both an article and a fan poll on, the company is keeping the issue of replacing Seth Rollins alive.

It wasn't long after the initial shock of Seth Rollins' chairshots to his partners Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns started to fade than the next question started to get batted around...

Should he be replaced in The Shield?

Our own Rex Ivanovic weighed in with an emphatic "NO", while a poll conducted in a Fan Post by Cagesider kdorsey0718 wasn't able to come to anything approaching a consensus between the choices provided and "Other/Nobody".

Now, is getting in on the act.  While they've been known to post click bait articles like any other wrestling web site, it's also "news" when they float a topic, because, well, they're run by the company telling the story.

Today, both in a front page, Editor's Choice article entitled "6 Potential Rollins Replacements" and a poll asking readers to choose between their choices and "Other/Nobody", they're keeping the topic on everyone's lips, and perhaps providing some credence to the notion that WWE thinks Ambrose and Rollins need an official third to stand against Evolution.

Adrian Neville, Big E, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan are their picks.  Three of those (Neville, Ziggler and Rhodes) were actually floated in the Cagesider fan poll we mentioned earlier.  Big E is interesting - he was the man who beat Rollins for the NXT title - but unlikely - his stock is pretty low right now and The Shield has muscle.  Bryan could be an occassional ally (if healthy), but probably won't be donning a flak jacket after his recent flannel experience.

Morrison is an off-the-wall mention.  He kind of looks like Rollins, and works some of the style that Seth's covered for the trio (although the Architect is much more versatile).

The poll gives those options, as well as a separate write-in "Other" and "None" choices.  The results as of 1PM Eastern...


Again, JoMo coming in second is the surprise here - at least to me.  The "Other" comments are all over the place, although a certain retired Chicago Blackhawks fan probably leads in mentions.  Otherwise, it probably doesn't bode well for the other names that they're getting doubled up by a mid-card guy who hasn't been with the company for three years.


What, if anything, do you make of this, Cagesiders?

Should WWE keep The Shield a trio?  Will they?  Is there really pent-up demand for a Starship Pain flyover?

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