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WWE Raw preview (June 9, 2014): They come runnin' just as fast as they can

Seth Rollins has some explaining to do, but so far - he ain't talking. Will his former 'brothers' have anything to say to him? How's the WWE World Heavyweight Champ? Who will be contending for his belt if he can't go? We discuss all that, and proper heel fashion, in this preview.

What you need to know

Triple H sure is happy for a guy on a three pay-per-view (PPV) losing streak.  But I guess that's what tearing the hearts out of your rivals and their millions of fans will do for you.

The man who cut those hearts out - or swung the chair that knocked them out of our bodies - doesn't believe he owes anyone an explanation for his betrayal of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on last week's Raw (was it just a week ago?  Being stabbed in the back ages you).  We can try to parse and analysis what little he said on Smackdown, but nothing is as important as the match he had with Dolph Ziggler.

Zigs was an interesting, 'Reality Era' choice to interupt him, and we got some lines about card placement and ticket sales to go with it.  But we also got a really strong match, and with Seth Rollins as the workhorse of Evolution, we can look forward to a lot more of that.

The mid-card titles are getting a chance to shine, as Paul Heyman guy Cesaro is in oursuit of both Bad News Barrett's Intercontinental belt and the United States championship held by Sheamus.  On Friday night, Barrett retained in a triple threat against The Swiss Superman and Rob Van Dam - who could really add something to both scenes if he decides to step up his game to Summer of '13 levels.

Meanwhile, the tag belts are on the verge of becoming as lowly as the Divas title (sorry, Paige).  The Usos took out the suddenly hot Ryback/Curtis Axel pairing - so there are no more hot teams chasing Jimmy & Jey.  The ladies belt can get itself on PPV, but then the champ doesn't even appear on television in the week following.  Alicia Fox is still crazy, but that's not nearly as interesting when (1) she's no longer treated like a title contender and (2) in a month, we haven't been given a single motivation for her craziness.

Rusev loves Russia and squashing jobbers - who still happen to be mostly African-American.  Bo Dallas streak continues, and Santino Marella learned that one thing you do not do is BOlieve in Dallas' ring.

He may have lost to John Cena again, but Bray Wyatt promises to come back stronger.  Hopefully to face someone other than John Cena.

Big Show's back.  He's still a face.  Still standing up to Triple H and Randy Orton.  Let's hope the two curb stomps onto the chair that Rollins gave him to end Friday night are the end of that.

What to look out for

Coming at you LIVE from Minneapolis, 8PM Eastern time.

Some may be disappointed in the lack of an explanation from the former Architect of The Shield, but what all revenge craving marks want is to know what his former "brothers" will have to say to Rollins.  Look for more from both sides tonight, even if it's just more teases while they figure out what they're doing.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has to defend his title against Kane at Money in the Bank or kiss it goodbye.  Words on the screens last week was that the champ is not doing great in recovery from spinal surgery.  Stephanie McMahon will address Bryan's health tonight - should we expect another bombshell.

If Bryan can't go in three weeks, the belts will go to the winner of a ladder match at the next PPV.  Last week, Alberto Del Rio qualified for the contest, but against an unknown field and for an undetermined prize.  Will anyone else join him tonight?

What will a reborn Wyatt be chasing?  Who will Damien Sandow be impersonating?

Find out tonight!

What they should do

The most disappointing thing about Seth Rollins big debut as an affiliate of The Game last week was that he came out on Friday night in the same tactical gear for which The Hounds of Justice are known.

It may seem like a small deal to some, but "look" is a key element to character - and the success of any given character.

There may be reasons why Creative is holding up on changing the turncoat's appearance.  They may be teasing, or actually running, an angle where Rollins infliltrates Evolution with a fake turn.  He may be holding on to the old outift just to really heel it up and further rub his betrayal in his old partners faces.

But I was really looking forward to him coming out in a bad ass looking tailored suit.  Hunter's team has always been the 21st century embodiment of Ric Flair's old "limousine riding, jet flying" credo and paramilitary garb just isn't going to work unless your stylin' and profilin' your way through your local militia group.

And, the hair?  The Game rocked long locks during the faction's first run, but if they really want to signal that Seth sold out, it would be a good time to lose the platinum streaks.  And keep that $#!+ slacked back and pulled together in a ponytail.  You can't be looking like you might dumpster dive for furniture to repurpose if you're going to roll with Evolution.

Maybe he could use some of Batista's skinny jeans?  They'd look age appropriate on him - and they might even fit.

What we're afraid they will do

They've done an exemplary job thus far of keeping the Daniel Bryan and Evolution programs in their own separate hemispheres for quite some time now.  It would be great if they could keep the Rollins' turn and Ambrose & Reigns' quest for revenge in its own one, too.

I'm not even so concerned about "adding a Shield member" or anything like that, which I agree would be a bad call - but at least it would elevate someone new.  The bigger concern is in having your Big Shows, or John Cenas, suddenly deciding to take up with the remaining two hounds.

It's hard to imagine, but any angle can have its heat diluted when you mess with the formula.  It would be a tragedy if that happened to one of the more buzzworthy things WWE has done in years.

Last week, everything changed.  What can they do for an encore?

We'll start to find out tonight - and you should find out with all your pals, right here at Cageside Seats!

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