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Slapstick Saturday: Seth Rollins can't 'Shield' himself from the barricade

I usually feel bad when someone comes up lame in a big spot, but after what he did to us last weekend, I actually feel kinda good. #ThanksBarricade.

Wikimedia Commons

Heel, face, the barricade does not discriminate.

One of our favorite topics for Slapstick Saturday is when the irresistible force meets the immovable object (other than Andre). And heck, even when the object is movable, it doesn't always stick to the script.

Sorry, Mr. "Architect."

Seth Rollins can fly into Monday Night RAW on a helicoptertear the house down at Extreme Rules and even break the hearts of millions by joining Evolution, but one thing he can't do, is get one up on that darn barricade, who loves to work stiff.




And still keeps all of his teeth!

The good news is, he's not the only member of The Shield to make the "atomic" blooper reel. Unfortunately, he may be the last, now that the "Hounds of Justice" have been sent back to the kennel. But as a parting shot, we remember them fondly, Slapstick Saturday style.


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