The Top 10 Logos in Wrestling History

I'm a graphic design student, and after you really sit down and look at logos and advertising in general, you develop a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into them.

Pro wrestling is no exception. Throughout its history, pro wrestling has churned out some unbelievably memorable, and successful logos.

All that said, I decided to break down my personal top 10, based on design, memorability, and overall appeal.

This list is reserved specifically for wrestlers and stables. I will not be counting logos for specific companies/promotions, like the WWE Scratch.

10) DX


The DX logo does a couple things very well. It seems very messy, which gives it sort of a "punk rock" feel, when really, it's very well balanced. It isn't fancy, its bold, to the point, and fit the rebellious attitude of D-Generation X.

9) Edge "Rated R"


This logo is just edgy enough (no pun intended) to feel cool, and just subtle enough to be TV appropriate. It fits the "Rated R Superstar" to a tee: the star, the naked female silhouettes, the questionable white substance dripping behind it.

They just go together perfectly.

8) Mick Foley, Smiley Face


This logo fits Mick Foley so perfectly. Foley is a happy papa bear. An outgoing personality. But that doesn't mean he isn't afraid to go hardcore and lose blood.

7) Jeff Hardy


A logo designed by the man himself, it's bizarre and cryptic - much like Hardy`s character.

6) Hulkamania


Probably the most iconic logo in wrestling history, the design may be a little dated, but its so classic that it can`t be ignored.

5) Ultimate Warrior


The words rap around the face paint of the warrior. Just Beautiful.

4) Stone Cold, Smoking Skull


Simply badass.

3) Undertaker


Remember all those years this got stuck in between "XX - 0"? Those were the days.

2) CM Punk


There are several variations on this logo, but this is my favorite. The Red on Black is bold and eye catching. It's only been around a few years, but it is already an iconic piece of wrestling history.

1) NWO


I will simply tell a story for this one.

One time, I was helping my uncle mow his lawn, while he was wearing an NWO shirt. A guy pulled up to us in his car, also wearing an NWO shirt. He said to my Uncle "NICE SHIRT DUDE"!!!! and my uncle replied "Its for life brother".

That's what this brings out in people.


Any he missed? Chime in on what you like or dislike about mrsocko's choices - or suggest some logos of your own - in the comments!

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