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Prince Devitt comments on rumors of signing with WWE

By sort of, kind of, denying them. Pro wrestling, everybody! He also discusses why he left New Japan in quotes from a recent podcast interview.

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We shared the news last month that Irish pro wrestler Fergal "Prince" Devitt was reported to have signed with WWE.

It's been near complete radio silence on the topic since (Triple H issued a hearty "no comment" when the question was raised in his promotion of NXT Takeover last week), but a new podcast out this week features the New Japan Pro Wrestling star speaking on the topic.

The tenth episode of Low Blows features the second part of their interview with Devitt, and he addresses the WWE rumor, among other topics.  He ostensibly denies it, but because this pro wrestling, he does so in a way that doesn't rule anything out:

There's been a lot of talk and speculation about me doing TNA, WWE and NASA projects, but at the moment I'm happy doing my thing at home. There is a possibility that I might go to the States in the future for a potential opportunity there but until then it's all just rumors and speculation unfortunately.

To paraphrase: "That rumor you heard?  That's a rumor."

It could be that he hasn't signed.  It could also be that he's still working out visa issues in order to move to Florida to report to developmental.  Time will tell.

Given that he wasn't going to say that his reason for leaving NJPW was that he's signed with WWE, he answered that question in a way that will provide plenty of fodder for speculation, as well:

I felt that my time there was coming to an end. I was tired, it's hard work traveling out there ten times a year, and I felt I wasn't giving enough of myself to the company. They wanted me to stay but I felt it was time for a break, I've been out there since I was 24, I'm 32 now. Considering they brought me for three months in the beginning I felt I'd given my money's worth. Obviously the door is still open for the future and I hope to go back and work with them in the future.

His size (5' 8", 180 pounds) has often been listed as a potential obstacle to a WWE signing.  He brings up another potential one, as you have to wonder how many 30+ signees the company is interested in making - especially if the rumors that they signed the 33 year old KENTA are true.

Will the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion make his way to U.S. television screens soon?  It will make a lot of fans happy if he does.  While it doesn't seem to be the case at the moment, let's hope he and WWE will surprise us with some good news soon.

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