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Say "No" to a new member of The Shield

In the fallout of Seth Rollin betrayal, conversation has naturally shifted to a potential replacement for him in the Shield. That potential move would be a misstep on the side of WWE.

It the aftermath of the dastardly deeds by Seth Rollins, the conversation naturally turned to potential replacements for him in the Shield.  With names being bandied about left and right there was excitement in the air, but I am here to tell you- not so fast my friends.

Slotting someone into Seth Rollins within the Shield would be a major mistake.

I understand the desire to keep the Shield going with the three man dynamic, but that dynamic was successful based on the foundation of the insane chemistry between Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins.  Chemistry that only one or two stables in the history of professional wrestling could match.  You don't just slot someone into that spot and expect the same results as before.

It's not an issue of talent. In a testament to the talent acquisitions made by HHH, they have the capability to replace Rollins with someone just as talented such as Sami Zayn or Prince Devitt.  However, a replacement has a very minimal chance of enjoying the same spark that existed with Rollins in the Shield.  Do you want a New Coke version of the Shield?

How often has a replacement worked for a stable that already was successful.  The only thing I can come up with is Barry Windham in the Four Horsemen.  (Please sound off in the comments if you've got something)

Tertiary to the chemistry issue, is that one of the underlying strengths of Rollins breaking away is that the three man dynamic had less room to maneuver creatively at this point in time.  They have already made the two biggest potential match ups with Evolution and the Wyatt Family.  Where would the Shield as a solidified unit go from here?

From a psychology standpoint, if the Shield continues on as a complete three man unit does that not in some manner reduce the impact and stakes of Rollins' chair shot?  No longer is he the man that ended the Shield, but rather just the guy who forced one third of it to change.

The only scenario in which a new member to the Shield should be implemented is to force the division of Ambrose and Reigns.

Bear with me as I lay out a fantasy booking scenario as an example.  The betrayal by Rollins starts to send Ambrose even more over the edge and in the quest to get revenge he brings in the one man in professional wrestling who can match his manic psychosis- Solomon Crowe (Ambrose's former Switchblade Conspiracy partner Sami Callihan).  Crowe's presence and influence just drives Ambrose' madness further which drives the wedge between himself and Reigns...thus finishing the job that Rollins started.

What say you Cagesiders about the potential for a new Shield member?

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