I Hereby Issue A Challenge: Playing Fantasy Booker

In reading comments regarding John Cena's WWE world heavyweight championship victory at MITB last night, I've noticed a lot of people, when faced with the fact that Cena winning is the most logical choice to carry the title until SummerSlam, say the pick is "boring" and "uncreative".

I would like for these people to put their money where their mouths are.

Pretend you are in charge of WWE Creative. Given the current set of circumstances (Daniel Bryan is out injured, Brock Lesnar wins the belt at SummerSlam, which means that whoever wins this match is a transitional champion), I want you to come up with with a booking for the match that is more creative and just as effective at getting the title to SummerSlam for Lesnar.

Please be prepared to back up your proposals, as I will ask questions!



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