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The Shield's Cageside Evaluation

Their name is The Shield and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the best stables ever. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Chemistry - Three brothers; not members, not teammates, not friends, brothers. They all had their own personality, but worked together better than just about any other team ever. They were perfect together.
  2. Booking - Speaking of perfect, their booking was almost always on point.
  3. Matches - They were around for about 18 months and consistently put together the best match on the card on a near nightly basis.
  4. Best Ever - More than a few of you dubbed them the greatest of all time. They're up there at the very least, and the reunion is going to bonkers in a few years.
  5. Over - They got over with the crowds as heels for much of their reign. When WWE decided to make them faces, crowds exploded when they entered the building. Takes special talent to go from one side of the spectrum to the other.

Best comment comes via tkatt00:

"No wrestler or faction has ever been booked as well to start their career(s) as The Shield. Period. They made a splash at Survivor Series as three unknowns (to the casual audience) and were legitimate main-eventers within a month based on their collective look, ability to work, and ability to captivate an audience with their aura and unique group promos. They put on amazing match after amazing match for 18 months while working with literally every top star in the company in some capacity. Also — and this can’t be said enough — they helped kick-start an era of AMAZING trios matches. Most six-man tags in WWE for years were boring, sloppy messes meant to push a bunch of storylines together…The Shield (along with the Wyatts and a number of others) have really made six-man tags worth watching and often some of the best matches of the night."


What you loathed:

  1. Seth Rollins - "Plan B." Noooooooooo! Seriously though Rollins, what the hell?
  2. Fin - Some of you simply didn't like The Shield's break up. Others didn't like how they broke up. Rollins' explanation just wasn't enough.
  3. Wyatt Family - They put The Wyatt Family over as they were going into their issues with John Cena without losing any steam of their own. That's big.

Best comment comes via GuyinNY:

"Nothing. There is nothing to loathe about the Shield. If you loathe anything about them, you loathe pro wrestling."

On to the poll! With 539 votes, The Shield's average score is 4.4.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick seriously cares about you, the fans.

Until then!

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