In defense of John Cena as WWE world heavyweight champion

John Cena as WWE world heavyweight champion right now is absolutely what is best for business.

This is purely and simply for one reason: Brock Lesnar.

Brock is going to be coming back at SummerSlam this year, looking to capitalize on breaking that kinda important WrestleMania streak in the only way possible: by winning the title.

Originally, Brock was going to come back and slay our favorite David as he tried to conquer yet another Goliath. But Daniel Bryan’s neck didn’t cooperate, so we’ve found ourselves moving on to Plan B.

Seth Rollins and Triple H might have formed the most noteworthy Plan B option in the last month, but Cena has been Plan A, B, C, and D since Rollins was still lacing up his boots as Tyler Black in 50 person capacity bingo halls.

So ask yourself: is the Streak Breaker going to come back, riding a huge wave of momentum unlike any heel has ever seen and NOT win the title?

Of course he will. So if that is the case, who would you rather see fed into the machine?

There is no better person right now to hold these belts until Brock comes to take them and run back off into the cold Minnesota night than John Cena.

Let's example with a look at all the other participants in the ladder match last night:

Roman Reigns - Too early to peak. There’s at least six months to a year of chase available for Reigns, without going over the top too soon. The chase is where the money is and if you get there too quick, there’s nowhere left to go (see: Orton, Randy). Slow but meteoric rise in the cards. Plus, winning his first title and dropping it to Brock two months later would take a lot of his shine away.

Bray Wyatt - See above. He’s still hot, even after falling short of conquering the unstoppable machine that is John Cena, so picking up his first title and unlocking the higher level of his "power" would be wasted on a transitional period. And, same as Reigns, losing his first title after a few months would be a blow to his long term prospects.

Cesaro - Probably at the top of the higher level prospects, but still not ready. A clash of Heyman guys would be intriguing, but there’s still plenty of time to tease Cesaro’s split from Heyman and feud with Lesnar. Doing that over two months would seem rushed, and where would it leave Cesaro after? Right in the middle of No Man’s Land. Might as well just call up Jack Swagger and re-form the band right now.

Alberto Del Rio - Thankfully, we barely have to notice him anymore. I will follow that trend and just say a match against Lesnar would be laughable.

Sheamus - Seems to be a notch below where he would need to be to think about a possible Lesnar match. I don’t really know what happened with Sheamus, but he went from quickly rushed but still credible main eventer to upper mid-card titleholder with basically one injury. But as Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler can attest to, one injury can mean a whole hell of a lot. Basically, Sheamus was never in a spot where a match against Lesnar would be taken seriously.

Kane - Out of everyone not named John Cena, Kane probably had the best odds to win. He’s been pushed like crazy the last couple of months as an unstoppable monster, and has some unfinished business with the man who just had to give up the straps. I think he was in the match because WWE hoped Bryan might have been well enough to go in a month, and finally have that long-rumored Buried Alive match, get his belts back and move onto a date with Brock at SummerSlam. Sadly though, as we learned in the pre-show, DB might need another neck surgery, and his timetable is very unclear. No Bryan = no Kane as champ.

Randy Orton – So boring. Thank the wrestling gods that we didn’t get shafted with another snoozer Orton reign. I wouldn’t put it past them to try and give us Orton vs. Cena 47 at Battleground, but I really hope they at least switch it up and add a piece or two to the match, like Reigns. That makes it juuuuuuust fresh enough to work. Either way, Orton vs. Lesnar would never work at SummerSlam, so unless they were going to swerve us just for the sake of it, Orton was never going into that event as champ.

So we’re left with one man, a man who makes some of us cheer, most of us boo, but is really our constant.

John Cena.

Cena took a lot of wind out of Brock’s sails when he picked up the "W" at Extreme Rules a couple of years ago. Brock came in red hot with a boatload of UFC heavyweight credibility, and was immediately fed to the 5 Moves of Doom. I think it did almost irreparable harm to Lesnar, at a time when he had been away for so long and fought so many REAL battles that he was a bit of a mythical figure in the wrestling world. But you know, CENAWINSLOL.

But it looks like the time has come to repay the favor. There is no way Lesnar is going to come off his streak breaking and lose his next match. And when that match is for the WWE world heavyweight championship, and vs. a man he has already laid his shoulders down for…well…you can do the math.

John Cena is the WWE world heavyweight champion because that’s what’s best for business.

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