A Case For Making the Youth Infusion Battle for the Undercard Titles

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing FanPosts about things they should change (or more accurately, things they should bring back from the past) and incorporate in the current WWE landscape. I have a new one that will come out this week, but I felt the need to write about something else today.

Everybody, including me, was really excited to see how much of the spotlight was shining down on the three former members of the Shield last night. I loved watching the beginnings of the (hopefully) epic Deam Ambrose/Seth Rollins battle that should take us into the Survivor Series season. For the third time this year I found myself going crazy over some showdown in the middle of the ring that included Roman Reigns.

And while I am disappointed in the overall booking of both Money in the Bank matches (Rollins looked weak in the match, Kane’s involvement was annoying, and Reigns should have been more involved in the match’s ending), plus this whole thing:


The future does look bright at the WWE.

But (and there always is a but), I am a little concerned that these three men have skipped over the other two individual titles and are already in the world heavyweight championship picture. I know that Ambrose held the WWE United States championship for a majority of the last year. The fact that he, along with Rollins and Reigns, probably wont hold the Intercontinental championship ever is a bad move.

Yes! We’re all excited for these guys. But, them being in the WWE world heavyweight title picture without ever holding any other championship is not good for the long term.

I was listening to the LAW recently, and everyone seems to be convinced that Reigns and Brock Lesnar will headline WrestleMania 31. They also seemed convinced that the MITB briefcase is more important than any championship in the company save for the WWE title.

I have mentioned this plenty, but I have to reiterate: WWE has a tradition of having their future champions hold the Intercontinental championship. Randy Savage, The Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Edge, among others, held the title before heading into their long-term position as the top guy in the company.

And while some talents went from their debut to the world championship quickly (Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Undertaker, Sycho Sid, Ric Flair and Kane), usually those guys were prodigies who were special attractions. I love the guys in the Shield, but none of them are special attractions like those aforementioned names (or most of those aforementioned names) were.

At least not yet.

The fact is, the WWE’s depth keeps being brought up as a negative. Ultimately, I disagree. WWE has so much talent, but so much of it is under utilized. While we watch the roster get cut down bit-by-bit, we see more and more guys get squeezed out of the big picture.

If the WWE creative were smart, they’d bump certain guys (Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Damian Sandow, The Rhodes Brothers, and Ryback) into the title picture, while having these young studs who will be the banner carriers in the future (Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, Cesaro, Barrett, Rusev, Big E., Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt) battle for the Intercontinental Championship.

It makes no sense to keep forcing these guys into feuds with older people (namely John Cena, Randy Orton, and Sheamus) if they’re just going to keep losing.

Why not have them build each other up as this old guard kind of melts off into the sunset? And in the process, build up the under-championships.

If it were up to me, I would have booked Ziggler to take the briefcase. I think Cena winning was going to happen either way. You have Barrett forfeit the championship, leading to Ambrose winning it. Rollins, being the coward he is, cheats his way to winning the belt from Ambrose. They end up feuding until an undefeated Rusev takes the championship come December or so. Maybe have Rusev lose (both the championship and the "undefeated" streak) to an undefeated Bo Dallas at WrestleMania.

Ziggler would be someone Lesnar can squash at some point (maybe at the Royal Rumble after Lesnar has a rough match with Batista), but Ziggler can stay in the title picture for a while. Lesnar can lose to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania, Ziggler and Bryan can have a program until mid-summer next year, when Roman Reigns (who has already beaten Aitch, Cena, and Orton throughout the time between now and summer 2015) beats Bryan at SummerSlam.

The dream match up would be to have all three Shield members battle for an IC or US Championship, but that boat has sailed (should have happened already).

I know this isn’t going to be popular. We all want the big prize going to someone new, but in order to make this company better, we need rebuild everything. And it comes down to this simple idea:

You have to cultivate your talent slowly in order to make your talent stick. If you don’t, they will go by the wayside…as so many former great talents have to this point.

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