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TNA Impact spoilers from New York tapings (August air dates): The Hardys vs. Team 3D

Tabercil via Wikimedia Commons

It's been a busy week for the TNA crew in New York City.  With tapings Wednesday (spoilers here), Thursday (you-know-whats here) and Friday nights, they've worked the equivalent of three pay-per-view (PPV) events in three nights.

Things will cool off a bit after last night, but after what many called an amazing night Thursday for the filming of Destination X, who wants to know what happened next?

If you said, "ME" on.

Some of this will probably be cut & pasted together in post-production, but for purposes of this report, we've grouped things as they were filmed into their logical air dates.

Conclusion of August 7

- Madison Rayne pinned Brittany in a match for XPlosion.

- Bram and Abyss had another Monster's Ball match.  I've actually read conflicting reports on who won, but the more reliable ones say Bram did after hitting The Monster with Janice.  The Brit took a big chokeslam spot into thumbtacks, and got an assist from Magnus.

- MVP comes out to announce that there are already no more challenges for Bobby Lashley as champ.  Bobby Roode answers, and the two had an impressive promo duel.  MVP, Lashley and King beat down The It Factor until Austin Aries and Eric Young make the save - setting up a six-man tag for later.

- The Bro-Mans defeat Anderson, Gunner & Samuel Shaw (again, I saw one report with the opposite outcome, but it doesn't make sense given the story).  Anderson was pissed to be teaming with Shaw and blamed him for the loss.  Gunner is stuck in the middle.

- Angelina Love brags about breaking up Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell's big championship match.  Terrell comes out with babyface fire upset that The Beautiful People stole her title opportunity.  Gail Kim says that Kurt Angle let her pick the next challenger to her belt, and it ends up booking a fourway with Love, Velvet Sky and Terrell.

- James Storm as Sanada's new mouthpiece brags about ending The Great Muta's career.  Sanada loses a three way for the X-Division crown when he taps to Samoa Joe.  Match was a three-way with Low Ki that included several callbacks to their Ring of Honor (ROH) feuds.

August 14

- Bully Ray is out to a big hometown, thanks-for-putting-a-woman-through-a-table pop from the crowd.  He talks about going into the Hall of Fame with Devon, but is interuptted by Matt Hardy.  This leads to a Hardy Brothers vs. Team 3D for later.

- Team MVP defeats Aries, Roode and Young after a crutch shot breaks up a splash by A-Double leading to him taking a spear and the pin from the champ.

- Rhino, Ethan Carter III and Spud come out to shame the crowd for cheering Dixie Carter being put through a table and demand that Bully be fired for it.  Kurt Angle comes out to tell them they need to wrestler or GTFO.  They refuse to work, so he has guys dressed as NYPD cuff them and throw them out.  Spud and EC3 said funny things while this was happening.

- Anderson and Gunner fought in a match that the crowd apparently $#!+ all over - singing Adam Rose's entrance theme, doing "Let's Go Cena"/"Cena Sucks", etc.  Shaw attacked Anderson to chants of "Thank You Dexter".

- The Wolves beat Bro-Mans in an XPlosion match.

- Abyss is upset that Bram has Janice.  Some brawling ensues in which the heels make away with the nail studded board again.  This is setting up another hardcore match with the board hung above the ring, "Stairway to Janice" (yep).

- Low Ki won a six-way scramble over Crazzy Steve, DJZ, Manik, Tigre Uno and Homicide.  It came down to Ki and Homicide, for which the crowd exploded.

- Team 3D and the Hardys tore it up, with a lot of shoutouts to their WWE feuds.  Bully and Devon were even wearing similar gear to their days as the Dudleys.  All four men hugged it out after the Hall of Famers won, and they called out The Wolves...presumably to set up a face vs. face match against 3D, but it doesn't sound like that was made official.

- Ray cut a go home promo hyping the company and thanking the New York fans.  All of the faces from the locker room came out.

And that was TNA's NYC triple shot.

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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