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Cageside Podcast Roundup (June 28, 2014)

Money in the Bank, WWE Talent cuts, A double dose of Paul Heyman and Edge, Vince Russo, and Steve Austin calling everything Gimmicks! Its all here this week. Strap in!

We here in the Cageside community love to talk about the industry we all love so much that we actually have several podcasts that run at various times throughout the week. Some make it to the front page, some get buried in the busy day of thread activity, and some maybe don't get posted at all. In case you forgot, didn't know of, or want to look back on any of them, here I will accumulate the week's shows all in one spot, at the end of every week. I encourage you to bookmark the page as well.

We Cagesiders are an always growing community, and social interaction is a big part of what keeps us so strong. That being said, if you have something to add here, change, or do better next time, let me know and I will make those adjustments moving forward, assuming they're best for business.

We are going to start off with something I forgot last week. Bros B4 Elbows notified me of it instantly, and I was threatened with a knife, in a dark alley, I was told to never, ever, forget to put it in the mix again. So here is the super late edition of their great episode, if you haven't heard it yet, please do! or stay out of dark alleys!

  • Saturday June 14, 2014

Bros B4 Elbows - Episode 18.0 - The BB4E The Movie Episode

Topics covered in this episode:

- Funk rolled right out the door. WWE roster cuts, what went wrong and who could have been saved?

- Seth Rollins future top WWE heel for the next decade? New Shield power rankings!

- Question of the day-Hey remember CM Punk? In an alternate dimension what would a happy CM Punk be doing today in the WWE? What storylines would he fit into? Who is Punk feuding with?

- Which two superstars should join Cesaro, Del Rio, Orton, Sheamus and Wyatt in the Money in the Bank world title match?

- Daniel Bryan’s title reign comes to an end but how should he make his return?

- A Brock Lesnar run in! A Sting run in! A Zack Ryder run in!

Cageside Podcasts

  • Monday June 23, 2014

Cageside Live Podcast: WWE Raw Results and Review - Money in the Bank

  • Friday June 27th, 2014

Off The Top Rope - Episode 65 - ECW Living Dangerously 1999

In this episode, we kick off with Rex talking his trip to Chicago to see Chikara over the weekend. He talks about visiting the Squared Circle in Chi-town and the overall experience. Mike talks ROH Best of the World 2014 (as Rex hasn't seen it yet), his complaints with Roderick Strong and the main event. We then talk about TNA Slammiversary, and our feelings mesh about it not being as good as advertised. It's then Raw talk with our speculation on who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Money in the Bank. And of course, we gush over Stardust. After a break, we end up with a show so bad we take several tangents off in it, ECW Living Dangerously 1999. It's Steve Corino being awesome, RVD being RVD, and more. We name our MVPs and LVPs, talk the future of the show a little, and reveal which show we're watching next week, Clash of the Champions XIX, which at this point might as well be entitled "Mike's Revenge".

Beyond Cageside

  • Monday June 23, 2014

Piper's Pit w/ Graffiti artist RISK & Filmmaker Colin M. Day

RISK (born Kelly Graval), also known as RISKY, is a Los Angeles-based graffiti artist and fashion entrepreneur. In the 1980s, RISK gained notoriety for his unique style and pushed the limits of graffiti: He was one of the first writers in Southern California to paint freight trains, and he pioneered writing on "heavens", or freeway overpasses. San Francisco-based filmmaker Colin M. Day, who's trusted to document graffiti artists in their element, also joins the conversation.

  • Tuesday June 24, 2014

The Steve Austin Show (Family) w/ Vince Russo!

Vince Russo was the head writer for the WWF during the attitude era! What was Stone Cold like to work with? Vince answers. How'd he get along with Vince McMahon Jr? Vince answers. And yes, Vince Russo is the guy who put Austin 316 on the mic at Monday Night Raw... a night he remembers and shares in vivid detail.

  • Wednesday June 25, 2014

The Ross Report w/ Lance Storm

Lance Storm is one of the most well-spoken students of the pro-wrestling game, and has gone from being one of the best inside the squared circle to being the best trainer of new talent today...and he's sharing his knowledge & stories with JR! William Regal, Chris Benoit, CM Punk, Bray Wyatt - all covered!

Talk is Jericho w/ Paul Heyman & Edge (PT 1)

It's Round 2 with Chris Jericho, Paul E. Heyman, and Edge! And this time it's WWE Smackdown vs Raw, ECW, Liza Minelli (WTF?), and Paul E.'s departure from WWE. They also talk Sabu, Raven, Cesaro, and fav matches! And... it's the return of Egypt! He & Y2J are predicting WWE's upcoming Money In The Bank PPV Event!

  • Thursday June 26, 2014

The Steve Austin Show (Unleashed) w/ ROH's Christopher Daniels & Jim Ross

ROH's Christopher Daniels aka Curry Man aka Fallen Angel stopped by the studio at 316 Gimmick Street! Hear about ROH's big PPV event, Christopher's in-ring style & philosophy, and some of his favorite tag teams including Midnight Express & Rock & Roll Express. Plus, he explains why he Shawn Michaels is his favorite wrestler of all-time. Plus, a surprise (well not anymore) visit from Jim Ross!

  • Friday June 27, 2014

Who's Next with Goldberg w/ Sean Casey & Shawne Merriman

Goldberg catches up on some wild times with former MLB All Star/current MLB Network analyst, Sean Casey. Then talks to former NFL Pro Bowler Shawne Merriman about his desire to be a champion pro wrestler.

Talk Is Jericho w/ Paul Heyman & Edge (PT 2)

It's Round 2 with Chris Jericho, Paul E. Heyman, and Edge! And this time it's WWE Smackdown vs Raw, ECW, Liza Minelli (WTF?), and Paul E.'s departure from WWE. They also talk Sabu, Raven, Cesaro, and fav matches! And... it's the return of Egypt! He & Y2J are predicting WWE's upcoming Money In The Bank PPV Event!

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