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Slapstick Saturday: Jim Ross buries 'heartless' John Cena for Money in the Bank (MITB) win

Look at that stinkin' smile on his face!

Michael N. Todaro

Anyone who resists a John Cena heel turn should get a load of this clip.

This footage was taken from Money in the Bank (MITB) back in 2012, when Cena won the magic briefcase and eventually went on to blow the opportunity against CM Punk. But a lot of pro wrestling fans were upset about the decision to even give it to Cena in the first place, since he's been hogging the top spot for several years.

Former WWE announcer Jim Ross, it would appear, shared that sentiment.

"Ya' son of a bitch! Do ya' realize what you've just done?!? He's gonna rot in hell for what he did here tonight. That just makes me sick. Oh God. How in God's name, can that human being be from this planet? Does he have no conscience? Does he have no heart? Do you have no soul?!? Ya' son of a bitch! Do ya' realize what you've just done?!?"

Watching him sit there at the top of the ladder, smiling that Cena smile while good ol' JR runs him into the ground, has me convinced a heel turn would be fabulous, especially if he kept LOLWINNING. Though I'm not sure MAGGLE Cole or JBL could do the outrage justice.

Maybe we'll find out this Sunday?

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