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WWE Money in the Bank 2014 match card preview: Paige vs. Naomi

Divas Championship

Naomi vs. Paige (c)

Paige is the quintessential fighting champion who looks to take on all comers in a fair fight. Naomi is the talented Funkadactyl who is trying to finish off her championship quest from earlier in the year. Cameron is the self-absorbed sidekick who isn't afraid to stick her nose where it doesn't belong. Jerry Lawler is an alleged pervert. Who will walk out of Money In The Bank as the champion when these combustible forces explode?

The Road to Money in the Bank

This story began when Cameron slapped Paige in the face on the WWE App. Paige went on to thoroughly thrash Cameron in a match on Raw and forced the fiery Funkadactyl to tap out to the PTO.

The next night on Main Event, Paige tested her mettle in a non-title match against Cameron's partner, Naomi. Naomi expertly used her ass-based offense to eventually secure the win in a clean fight over the champion.

After the match was over, Paige offered Naomi a respectful handshake. Cameron abruptly interrupted this peaceful gesture and shoved Paige to the ground. Paige justifiably erupted and throttled Cameron once again. Naomi did not approve of Cameron's aggressive tactics, and so she simply watched on and did not offer to help her partner in distress. After Paige finished beating down Cameron, Naomi then accepted the champ's handshake.

Cameron and Paige bickered back and forth on commentary the next week on Raw. It was clear that Cameron did not respect Paige and she also did not take too kindly to Naomi's decision to not have her back. Paige reiterated that Naomi was a worthy championship contender while Cameron was just an inferior sidekick who was riding Naomi's coattails this entire time.

Meanwhile Naomi defeated Alicia Fox and cemented herself as the number one contender to Paige's championship at Money In The Bank. Paige and Naomi once again shook hands in peace, while Cameron seemed to be silently plotting something devious in the distance.

What's at Stake?

The Divas Championship is on the line at Money In The Bank when Paige looks to even the score and defeat the challenger Naomi.

The unity of the Funkadactyls might also hang in the balance. Cameron is the wild card whose unpredictable actions could play a key role in determining the outcome of this championship match.

Will Cameron break out of Naomi's shadow by turning on her partner and costing Naomi a chance at glory? Or will Cameron continue to seek vengeance on Paige and screw her out of the precious Divas Championship? Is there any chance that Cameron takes a passive approach and just watches this match from Big E's backstage monitor?

Tune in to Money In The Bank and stay here at Cageside Seats to find out who walks out with the gold!

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