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Taz's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Taz and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the former ECW Heavyweight Champion. Here's the full evaluation.

First, a word from BrassCitySaint:

"His big run in ECW from 1995 on. It’s so easy to forget how over Taz was in Philadelphia. He was booked as a legit bad-ass, and in spite of his physical stature, you could buy into it. He was the first American to really bring an MMA style to the ring. I always felt like WWF tried to latch onto the 'big fight' aura Taz inspired with Ken Shamrock, but it never got over. The way he "snapped" was hackneyed and cartoony. Taz looked pissed from the moment he left the ring, engulfed in that major entourage known as 'Team Taz.' (Incidentally, go back and look at those entrances. Tell me you don’t immediately think of the UFC.) His run as a babyface was successful, too. I attended ECW house shows during his reign as TV Champion, and I can tell you he got the biggest pops of the night, hands down. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a certain charge when I joined in on the testosterone-laced "Choke Him Out" chants."

What you loved:

  1. ECW Run - Booked to perfection, theme music, the FTW Title, and a suplex machine, this was no doubt Taz's peak.
  2. Tazzmission - Here's what it looks like.
  3. Bad-Ass - Even at only 5'9'', Taz looked and acted like he could take out anyone.
  4. WWE Debut - He took out the undefeated Kurt Angle.
  5. Sabu Feud - One of the best feuds ever in ECW's history.

Best comment comes via billytaylor:

"His ECW run obviously. Popularized the tap out in pro wrestling. Somehow he was able to hang with bigger guys like Bam Bam Bigelow and it was totally believable. What stands out is his theme music though. "War Machine" and then "Survive if I Let You" are two great theme songs. His WWE theme song was great too, so good they reused the hook for the Shield’s theme."


What you loathed:

  1. Commentary - Mostly from his time in TNA, he mainly sounds like he's going through the motions each night.
  2. WWE Booking - After his initial run, he was simply forgotten, like most guys from ECW/WCW.
  3. TNA Run - Aces & Eights.
  4. Tazzmaniac - Not a good look.
  5. Injuries - They took a toll on him, and he was out of the game, at least as an active wrestler, at about 32-years-old.

Best comment comes via Flashking:

"His TNA commentary is dreck. It’s obvious he has no passion for TNA, evidenced by his futile attempts to return to the E. And the fact that his career ended prematurely due to injury."

On to the poll! With 207 votes, Taz's average score is 3.7.

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick had a mean power-bomb.

Until then!

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