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WWE Smackdown preview (June 27, 2014): Bearded glamour

What you need to know

Ignoring the whole "we could just override Roman Reigns' entry into the title match because we own the company" thing, Stephanie McMahon chose instead to focus on the woman she barfed on last week.  The principal owner gave Vickie Guerrero the option to either be fired or to fight for her job in a match against the Billion Dollar Princess herself.  Guerrero went for the latter and channeled her husband's spirit in a stunning face turn.

Viva la Raza!

We're headed for a tag title match at the pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend, and we got warmed up for it in the traditional way - with singles matches between the teams.  Luke Harper and Jey are the alpha dogs of their respective pairings, because they beat Jimmy and Erick Rowan, but the pertinent fact is that The Wyatts ended the segment holding the Usos' belts while Bray hyped his boys as giants on Earth.

Lana and Rusev find America's weakness disgusting.  I mean, we're so weak that Damien Sandow dressed up like the man who signed the Emancipation Proclamation can't last a minute in the ring with Big E.  Who then can't last a minute with the Bulgarian Brute, despite his best impersonation of Arsenio Hall's Reverend Brown from Coming to America.

Kind of all talked out when it comes to Divas champion Paige this week, but it should be noted that Naomi got a big win over Alicia Fox, and is headed for a shot at the butterfly belt on Sunday.  What role will her insecure fellow Funkadactyl Cameron actually play, honey?

Even with his streak at nine and BO, old butterfingers himself Bo Dallas didn't get put in the ladder match for the briefcase containing a contract for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship shot.  The names that Triple H read off to join Seth Rollins in that Money in the Bank contest were Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Bad News Barrett, Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger.

After a solid match between Rollins and Van Dam, Dean Ambrose made his case to be put in the match for the case by attacking his former partner.  The traitor of The Shield vouched for Ambrose - wanting to keep him where he could see him - and The Game made it official.  Good thing, too, because Dean might have really gotten weird if they hadn't.

Bad News for Barrett, apparent shoulder injury on Tuesday night has his status for Boston in doubt.  He and Dolph Ziggler stole the show for real in the match of the night on Raw, too, and hopes were riding high for the Brit.  But something went wrong working with Swagger at the taping, and we await word of his status for Sunday.

Five women and one man were thrown into a kiddie pool of fake poop.  Vickie Guerrero then did her best Eddie shoulder shimmy and left the business.  Godspeed, Vick, and thanks for the memories.

In a do over from last Friday, the babyfaces from the upcoming seven man title match went over the heels, because LOLSHEAMUSWINS.  But in a wrinkle that fascinated no one, Hunter inserted Kane into the match, so now it's eight guys...or seven guys and one superman, if you know what I mean.

What to look out for

Taped from the hometown of Bruno Sammartino, Shane Douglas, Kurt Angle and the best writer of show previews that cSs has had in the last year or so, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!  We pass on them in an effort to bring you the purest preview possible, but spoilers are here, if you'd like.

The announced match should be an interesting affair between a couple of big men who still work a bit of a different style.  The Celtic Warrior goes one-on-one with fellow championship ladder match contender Bray Wyatt tonight.

Main Event added another showdown between two WWE WHC match competitors, as Roman Reigns will face Kane.  Will they go ahead and feed Cesaro and Del Rio to Cena, too?

The feud between Fandango's ladies Summer Rae and Layla got a fair amount of time on Main Event this week, as did Rybaxel's challenge to Stardust & Goldust.  Will those potential PPV matches get flushed out tonight, or will the focus stay on the two multi-man matches?

Go home shows aren't what they used to be in the WWE Network era, and they weren't much before that.  With the exception of seeing how Barrett's injury took place, I don't expect anything too momunental tonight.

(Note: I know some folks have come looking for a more definitive match listing.  We still don't want to risk spoiling anything, but as releases more information on anything that's officially going to take place on tonight's show, I'll update it here)

What they should do

I'm not trying to rush Goldust out the door, but if we don't get a tag team between The Show-Off and Cody Rhodes' new character at some point, I am going to be super bummed out, you guys!  How can they deny us the team of...


I'll be here all week.  Try the veal.

What we're afraid they will do

What do we make of this?

It's a bold call, giving the team that many (myself included) presume will become the tag champs at Money in the Bank an distinctive entrance theme.  It fits the gimmick in a few ways, being a zydeco accordion version of the song their patriarch likes to sing.

But it doesn't really grab me as music to walkout, too.  If anything, it encourages the babyface-esque sing-a-longs for a team that all reports indicate is staying heel.  Why not just stick with Live in Fear until Harper inevitably goes his own way?

This isn't really something we're afraid they'll do, but being on the fence about, would love to hear thoughts with a few days to digest it.

What can Smackdown do to convince you to pony up and tune in on Sunday night?

Follow along as you watch with our open thread, and stay with cSs all weekend long for the latest and greatest on Money in the Bank!

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