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Money in the Bank: By the numbers (Video)

This is cool.

With the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) now just a number of days away from tearing the house down at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts, WWE is getting us good and ready with various video packages designed to hype the big event.

See above.

This time, they've taken the same statistical concepts they've used to great effect for the Royal Rumble and applied them to the Money in the Bank ladder match, of which there will be two this weekend.

No more time to waste:

- The match was invented by Chris Jericho, who invents everything.

- The match has been in existence for nine years.

The total number of superstars who have competed in the match is 103.

- The wording on this one is interesting: "Money in the Bank has been the launching pad for seven future champions".

- Kane and Christian have been involved in the most Money in the Bank ladder matches at six.

- Kofi Kingston holds the record for the most consecutive Money in the Bank ladder matches competed in at four.

- Big Show is the tallest wrestler to compete in the match at 7'0''.

- Hornswoggle is the smallest wrestler to be involved in the match (though he wasn't an active competitior) at 4'5''.

- Mr. Anderson was the only wrestler to lose his briefcase before cashing it in.

- Edge, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam all successfully defended their contract in matches before cashing it in. In Ziggler's case, he did it twice.

- June is the month that has featured the most cash-ins at three.

- Briefcase holders have cashed in their contract a total of five times on Monday Night Raw, the most popular of any WWE show. It was also the show that featured the two failed cash-ins.

- SummerSlam and SmackDown has seen two cash-ins apiece.

- A cash-in has never taken place at WrestleMania despite six matches having taken place at the biggest event of the year.

- Seven former Money in the Bank winners have been cashed in on themselves.

- Ric Flair is the oldest wrestler to enter Money in the Bank.

- Jack Swagger is the youngest to win the match.

- 2010 was the only year to feature three Money in the Bank matches.

- Phoenix is the only city to host three matches.

- John Cena has been cashed in on three times, the most of anyone. However, he's also undefeated (2-0) in Money in the Bank ladder matches.

- Alberto Del Rio has also never lost a Money in the Bank ladder match.

- When the first Money in the Bank ladder match took place, Paige had yet to graduate high school, John Cena had never won a WWE title, WWE didn't have a single video on YouTube, Facebook was barely a year old, and Twitter didn't exist.

- On average, briefcase holders wait less than 100 days to cash in their contract. The longest, Edge, waited 280 days. The shortest was less than one hour.

- Kane is the only man to cash in his contract the same night he won it.

- 85.7-percent of winners never announce they will cash in their contract in advance.

You will notice that CM Punk is utterly and completely ignored here, as though he made no contribution to the history of the match despite the fact that he's a two time briefcase winner who successfully cashed it in both times.


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