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Rob Van Dam places 'no focus' on helping young WWE stars; 'I don't feel like they need me'

In a wide-ranging interview with Ring Rust Radio, WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam talked about his latest runs with the company, with a specific emphasis on the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) this upcoming Sunday in Boston.

The whole thing is worth a listen (or a read, the pull quotes below are from Wrestling Observer's transcription), as RVD brings a different perspective both from his experience and his make-up as the kind of person who doesn't "go crazy at home" like many of his peers (Van Dam loves his current schedule, but doesn't think it work for a lot of wrestlers who don't know what to do with themselves when they're not on the road and performing).

One thing that jumped out was his response to Mike Chiari's question of if he takes pride in working with younger stars and helping them get over, "Yes and no. I place no focus on that. If somebody is willing to take some advice, then I have some, and that's just life in general. A lot of people don't want to hear anything."

While that initially seems like a knock on the current crop of WWE workers, Van Dam is quick to clarify that it's a good thing, for fans and him:

These guys, and everybody at WWE right now, is so good that the standard of the pro wrestler compared to maybe 10 years ago: night and day difference. I came back last year and I was so impressed. Guys that come up now through NXT, a lot of them, maybe most of them, seem to be growing up in the business and with only four or five years' experience. They're already 10-12 year veterans. I'm more happy, with the caliber rising, that I can still get in there with my style and ability and still be relevant with the new age of wrestlers coming up just like it was back then.

So, are they getting a rub from wrestling with me? Probably so, but these guys, I don't feel like they need me.

It says a lot about both the quality of WWE Developmental and RVD's laid back confidence that he can take this approach.  "These guys have a great future and are heading to the top with or without wrestling Rob Van Dam," he says, adding with a touch of humor, "they just might have a few more bruises after wrestling me."

Check out the whole interview for his thoughts on battle royals vs. ladder matches, who his dream opponent would be, if he'd like to work with Paul Heyman again, and more.

What do you all make of RVDs current run, and his approach to working with new WWE stars?

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