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Not when this man can fix a broken ladder (match).

Ladder Time!
Ladder Time!

So Monday Night RAW happened ... just like it does every week.

And aside from some shining examples of what makes pro wrestling good, like the Intercontinental title match between Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler, we had some not-so-shining examples of what makes pro wrestling slimy, like the community poo-bath.

Along with Jerry Lawler sharing his fantasy of using the Divas champion like one of his collectible Coke bottles.

What was interesting about my post-RAW reaction was how unfazed I was over the latter two segments. Ordinarily, I would cry desensitization, but I think my outrage was sopped up by a tired and predictable sponge named Kane, who somehow earned a spot in this weekend's Money In The Bank (MITB) ladder match.

Mathematically speaking, Kane can walk out of TD Garden as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

It's highly unlikely (then again, we all said that about ending "The Streak"), but the prospect of him winning isn't really what irks me. It's the fact that he's taking up a main event spot with no rhyme or reason. I understand this is WWE and booking happens on the fly, but if we have to get a late entrant "just because" ... why not get someone who can work?

Or a younger star who could use the rub?

Kane is 47 years old and has been working the same gimmick for the better part of 17 years. It's really pretty amazing when you think about it. The big galoot is reliable, can tell a good story, and knows how to brood with the best of 'em. But jumping around on ladders? Flying in and out of the ring?

If WWE needed "muscle" for this match, then it should have promoted Rusev.

I was already irritated that Alberto Del Rio was inserted into the main event melee, and while it could have been worse (cough, BIG SHOW), this is a major pay-per-view (PPV) event with a ton of exciting possibilities in the absence of the recovering Daniel Bryan.

And "exciting" is not how I would describe Del Rio or Kane.

Did Creative forget how awesome Cody Rhodes was in last year's event? And Damien Sandow won the damn thing, leaving me to wonder how funny it would it have been to see him try to make up for it -- complete with goofy costume of choice -- just to fail miserably.

Considering all the ladders (and his beard), maybe Sandow could have come out dressed like Home Improvement's Al Borland?

I'd mark out for that. The problem with those choices is they have that B+ feel, and when I was typing out the names Rhodes and Sandow, I had that Hogan interview playing in the back of my mind: "I always saw him as more of an Intercontinental guy..."

This is what happens when you lose CM Punk and Daniel Bryan in the same year.

In the end, the organization had to make the best of a bad situation. But that's my complaint, it didn't. It simply fell back onto a couple of safe choices. If you told me Kane was out and Heath Slater was in, for no other reason than to play human pinball, I'd totally be okay with that.

The "One Man Band" has about as much chance of winning as Kane does, but at least fans would get a little bang for their buck.

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