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WWE Main Event results, live blog (June 24, 2014): Money in the Bank go home show

WWE Main Event comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Tues., June 24, 2014) from the CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we'll have complete results and a live blog for the show right when it kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Tonight's show will feature Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, and Kofi Kingston teaming up to take on Bad News Barrett, Seth Rollins, and Jack Swagger in a preview of the Money in the Bank contract match this coming Sunday night in Boston.

Be sure to come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the Main Event live blog.



- Dolph Ziggler was already in the ring on a ladder as the show came in. He slowly climbed to the top with a microphone and stared up at the gold briefcase. He talked about your life changing when you win the contract. He brought up his having done so two years ago and it being the "greatest moment of my career". Then he got emotional, sighing and looking down on himself. The fans cheered him. He brought up winning the world title because of the fans. "Somehow, someway, lightning is going to strike twice. ... This Sunday it's not about stealing the show. It's about taking what's mine". Rob Van Dam came out at this point. The match they promoted as the main event of this show is next.

- Ziggler, RVD, Kofi Kingston vs. Bad News Barrett, Seth Rollins, Jack Swagger: Crowd was cool early on. The babyfaces had the early edge but the heels quickly gained control once Ziggler tagged out to RVD. The action got really sloppy when Swagger was in with Van Dam. My stream has been awful. I had to refresh multiple times to get it going again and now I see Swagger with the Patriot Act on Ziggler and Barrett blasting RVD with a ladder. Dolph recovered to take out Swagger and Barrett came in with the ladder. Then Barrett hit Swagger, with both the ladder and the Bullhammer to stand tall.

- Fandango ran into Layla. "Summer Rae not around?" Fandango gave her a flower. He said she's the "only one that's ever danced her way into my heart. You will always be my one and only dance partner". Then he kissed her deeply.

- Fandango vs. Bo Dallas: No pre-match promo. Instead, Summer ran down and jumped into the ring, immediately kissing Fandango, who didn't appear to resist much. Layla, of course, attacked. Fandango once again tried to separate the two. Finally, a number of referees came down and the two were broken up. The crowd didn't care about this at all. Fandango was outside the ring with his arms out exasperated. When he climbed back in, Dallas immediately hit the Running BoDog to get the pin. He's now 10 and BO. He got on the mic after the match. "Women ... they are mysterious creatures. But I know they'll figure it out. All they have to do is BOLIEVE!"

- R-Truth and Xavier Woods were out next. They're opponents tonight will be Rybaxel. And there goes my stream again. This has been maddening tonight. Only took one refresh this time. It was your typical tag match early on. Babyfaces in control, heels take over and get the heat on to set up a hot tag. Woods was worked over by Axel for a bit until THE BIG GUY got in and did some damage. Truth got the hot tag that wasn't all that hot because the audience was sitting on its hands. Ryback came in to save Axel from getting pinned and shortly after Axel hit his finish for the pin.

- After the match, Ryback got the mic and told everyone to shut up. He said Goldust and Stardust are hermaphrodites and their win against THE BIG GUY and THE AX MAN was a fluke. So if there are any men under the make-up, they'll accept a match against Rybaxel for the Money in the Bank PPV. Axel got the mic -- after Ryback requested he "TELL 'EM, AX MAN" -- and he said "Goldust, Stardust, it doesn't matter ... you'll be dust in the wind". Not kidding, he actually said this.

- Roman Reigns was out last for an in-ring interview with Renee Young. Roman said he's a wanted man in these parts with a bullseye on his chest. He requested that Renee take off her high heels because this could be a trap and if shit goes down she'll need to run fast. He cut a promo saying The Shield ran the yard as a team but he was the big dog and nothing's changed now that he's on his own. He'll win the titles and take his place at the head of the table. "I assess and attack" is a catchphrase Roman was pushing here. He put down Randy Orton, saying he's not here to wipe his ass, he's here to kick it. Well, that's good. Would have been really weird and inappropriate otherwise, yeah? Triple H came on the titantron and said he knows a man who believes in nothing and Reigns will get a chance to know him because they'll be squaring off on SmackDown. Triple H announced Reigns vs. Kane. This led to Kane coming out and Reigns telling Renee to bail out of the ring because shit was going down. The two squared off in the center of the ring and Reigns got the better of it. Kane was sent out of the ring, so he stood in the aisle and summoned fire from the ring posts. Roman just stood there, didn't flinch, and slowly shook his head. Kane backed away looking tentative at this turn of events.


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