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Pipe Bomb wins Greatest Promo Tournament

June M. Williams

After a long and exhaustive voting process to determine the Greatest Promo in our latest tournament RIGHT HERE on Cageside Seats, we have a winner. Pipe Bomb, CM Punk's infamous worked shoot promo on Monday Night Raw in 2011 (recency bias, perhaps?), defeated Austin 3:16, Stone Cold Steve Austin's incredible speech following his King of the Ring victory in 1996 that kicked his legendary career into overdrive, by a final tally of 108-98.

But you expected that, didn't you?

Here's a look back on Pipe Bomb's path to victory:

(1) Pipe Bomb vs. (8) I Gave You Cactus - 131-14
(1) Pipe Bomb vs. (4) With a Tear in my Eye - 115-28
(1) Pipe Bomb vs. (2) Henry Retires - 99-25
(1) Pipe Bomb vs. (7) Wallowing in the Muck of Avarice - 86-76
(1) Pipe Bomb vs. (2) Austin 3:16 - 108-98

That does it for this tournament. Thanks for participating!

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