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WWE releases official solo entrance videos for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Plus Stardust, Heath Slater and Rosa Mendes.

WWE on YouTube

WWE has been busy making sure that we know that The Shield is no longer an ongoing concern this week, and while we've gotten brief looks at new entrances for all three men on television this week (as well as glimpses of new ring gear), we now have the first official versions of their new videos and music.

The company released new clips for Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns - along with ones for others getting re-packaged, tweaked or pushed - to their YouTube channel this afternoon.  Here they are, with some brief thoughts from a first watch and listen.

This is growing on me.  I'd still love some lyrics, but it's what you imagine you'd hear when you see him wrestle:

Still the leader out of the former Hounds for me.  It just fits:

This has quickly become the least impressive of the three.  It just comes across as lazy to not do anything other than slow Special Op down, and the logo graphic is really pedestrian:

More evidence of a lasting change, or just an elaborate work?  Either way, that's a killer jam:

From the "whew, survived the first round of cuts" department, Total Divas division:

And from the "whew, survived the first round of cuts" department, "here's a logo we made in Paint with your old theme even though it doesn't make sense anymore" division:

What do you think of the new productions for the former members of The Shield, or the others, Cagesiders?

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