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TNA Impact spoilers (June 26, 2014): Power Struggle, Part V

Impact Wrestling on YouTube

After last night's game-changing episode that aired on a tape delay from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, TNA stuck around and filmed another episode of Impact Wrestling.  This one will air next week, June 26th, at 9PM on SpikeTV.

That means spoilers are out there for the fallout from MVP's revenge over Eric Young and the start of Bobby Lashley's run as TNA World Heavyweight Champion.  And if you've made it this far, you probably want to know what they are.  So here goes...

- Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim defeated The Beautiful People. A couple of reports said that Taryn looked good in the ring despite her layoff.  I guess she and Gail have made up after their big ladder match feud.

- Sanada won a Fatal 4way against Manik, Crazzy Steve and DJZ. Presumably with the X-Division strap on the line.

- MVP, Kenny King and Bobby Lashley come out to brag about Lashley  taking the title off of Eric Young.  Young and Bobby Roode interrupt, and MVP fires them.  But then a suit representing the "TNA Board of Directors" appears to announce that he's been stripped of his Director of Wrestling Operations title, so he can't fire anyone.

- James Storm gets his win back from Mr. Anderson. With a Last Call superkick.  Sounds like it was clean.

- Dixie Carter comes out to celebrate being back in charge of Wrestling Operations, but the suit comes out and says she isn't the Director, either.  Dixie has a temper tantrum over this and demands to know who the Board put in charge.  Bully Ray runs in and threatens Carter, with the crowd chanting for him to put her through a table (...).  Spud and Ethan Carter III save Aunt D.

- Tommy Dreamer and EC3 brawled around the ring and backstage.

- Magnus & Bram beat Abyss & Willow in a Monster's Ball match. Isn't this like the fourth or fifth Monster's Ball they've had this year?

- Kurt Angle is revealed as the new Director of Wrestling Operations.  MVP, Lashley and King come out to surround him in the ring, but Roode and Young arrive to clear them out.  Fade to black with the new babyface authority figure and his boys standing tall.

Seems like part of the "keep Angle from signing with GFW" plan is to get him back on television as soon as possible.  Even if it means running the (at least) third straight version of "good faction arrives to save the company from the heel authority figure who used to be lead a good faction but was corrupted by power".

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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