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Ten Sentences: Payback Was a Success

The debut of a new daily feature from Jason Martin...every weekday, ten sentences on a specific topic asking questions and stating opinions about the wrestling business. First up, last night's PPV and why criticizing it misses the point.

TEN SENTENCES is exactly what it says…I believe in the obvious being the best.

It’s why I always wanted to give someone a finishing move simply called "That move."

Just imagine how easy the announcing and the recognition would be…

"Oh here comes THAT MOVE!" "He just hit him with THAT MOVE!"

So with the remaining six sentences I have for today, and this will be a daily thing for me…to whomever felt Payback was a subpar or mediocre show following the hideous preshow, I ask you if you understand the realities going into Chicago last night.

The setup for the event was terrible, television over the past month has been poor, so that much of it was already a done deal. WWE, God, Gaia, or no one else could fix the angle builds if you didn’t like them, make those matches matter more than in the closed space they existed in last night, or turn back the clock and completely rewrite the show.

As a result, you have to look at Payback solely on the only thing the company could control, the product delivered on June 1, 2014, and when observing on that metric, it’s impossible to conclude that the show wasn’t at least…"pretty good."

Last Man Standing was a match of the year candidate, the main event’s drama was just outrageous and in ways transcended what anyone expects from a story in that kind of match, World Title segment worked as Stephanie was in top form, and Cesaro/Sheamus, as expected, was an excellent in-ring bout once the latter started actually laying in his strikes and forearms after the first few minutes.

The ring work all evening felt as if the main roster watched and paid close attention both to the workrate at Takeover on Thursday as well as the reaction to said workrate across the wrestling media and internet fan communities.

The question I leave you with today is what on Earth does WWE go with tonight because in many ways, a lot of things ended last night and the company has no offseason.

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