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Brie Bella calls Stephanie McMahon more 'B' words in explanation of her actions from WWE Payback

Brie Mode includes more than just slapping your boss while quitting your job. Do not mess with her man, y'all! Can WWE keep the momentum going on the issues between these two women until Daniel Bryan is cleared to return to action?

We've already documented the slap heard round the world, and the just aired nuptuals between WWE lovebirds, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella.

But the Total Divas star wasn't done after kayfabe quitting the company to protect her husband's WWE World Heavyweight Championship belts and stiffly slapping the taste out of Principal Owner Stephanie McMahon's mouth.  She took to her Instagram page to discuss her decision from Payback, and to add a new 'B' word to the list of things she calls McMahon, as "brat" joins "bitch" in the "Brie Mode" lexicon:

Tonight at #WWEPayback I made the hardest decision, but there's no way I could of watched my husband @WWEDanielBryan hand over those titles to that brat @stephaniemcmahon hurt to say the words I quit, but felt great to feel my hand across Steph's face. #payback is a b!tch! #briemode

This story has succeeded in keeping people buzzing about Bryan and the title picture even as he remains unable to wrestle due to his recent next surgery.  Will they be able to keep it going tonight on Raw, and for however long it takes until the WWE World Heavyweight Champ can return to action?

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