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WWE starts Money in the Bank 2014 promotion with a really weird video

Well, that's one way to do it.

Rather than trot out a former winner of the briefcase containing a contract for a title shot during the next calendar year, WWE has decided to sell you on their next pay-per-view (PPV), June 29th's Money in the Bank 2014, by going a different route.

With a talking stack of United States currency.

Instead of their biggest star, John Cena, or their newest star, Daniel Bryan, or a former rising star in need of a boost like Dolph Ziggler - all former Money in the Bank briefcase winners - they've opted to go with something that looks like it would be offering you pointers on how to make a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and sounds like a bad impersonation of Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Luckily (and they undoubtedly know this) Money in the Bank pretty much sells itself at this point on the audience's love of ladder matches, a signature match stipulation almost as over as the Royal Rumble and a reputation of being a meaningful show the last few years.

One thing the video doesn't provide any clarity on is how many MitB matches we'll be getting this year, or how multiple briefcases/contracts might work given the current state of unified WWE and World Heavyweight titles.

The talking money says the briefcase earns the holder "a guaranteed championship match". With only major champ, will this be the way they open a potential split of the titles, or will the Intercontinental or United States belts have an associated briefcase this year.

Money may talk in WWE, but the talking money in the commercial isn't answering any of those questions.

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