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Austin Aries hopes TNA doesn't go back to using six-sided ring

Just yesterday, TNA revealed it was opening a poll for fans to vote on what type of ring the promotion would use going forward. The company is prepared to move ahead utilizing the same four-sided ring it does now, the more traditional model, or return to the six-sided ring it used for a number of years to stand out from the crowd.

Not all the wrestlers are on board with possibly returning to the six-sided ring.

Chief among them is Austin Aries, who cut a long promo on Twitter over the situation.

During his appearance on Chris Jericho's podcast, AJ Styles talked about the six-sided ring being incredibly difficult to take bumps on, being much harder on the body, and limiting his offense. It's hard to argue with two of the best wrestlers to ever work for the promotion who have experienced both when they offer compelling takes like this.

It's fine to sit here and make assumptions that changing the ring was a serious detriment to the well being of TNA but the idea of bringing it back in an attempt to revitalize the company sounds an awful lot like putting a band-aid on cancer.

Voting closes tomorrow night following Impact. We'll let you know if Aries gets his way or not.

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