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Paige and Emma have the world's cutest buddy comedy running on Instagram

The pair of videos the two WWE Divas posted this week (included below) are just delightful, and should be used as a blueprint for a television angle at some point.

via Emma's Instragram

Paige and Emma came up together through WWE Developmental, rose to prominence through a friendly rivalry on NXT and were promoted to the main roster at roughly the same time.

Their journeys since have followed different paths - the raven-haired Brit is the current WWE Divas Champion while the dancing Aussie is Santino Marella's kayfabe crush - but the pair still have amazing chemistry together.

They might not be allowed to show it off in the ring right now (and if you've never seen them work together there, go watch as much of their pair of NXT Women's Championship matches as you can find.  You can start with a clip of their ArRIVAL bout here), but they're enterprising, social media savvy young women.  And what do enterprising, social media savvy young women do?

They post stuff to Instagram.

Now, wouldn't backstage vignettes like these that lead to tag matches against Alicia Fox & Summer Rae and built to their first big WWE match be better than watching Paige try to carry Cameron to a decent showing and...whatever they have Emma doing with sock puppetry these days?

Keep it up, ladies.  We'll keep following you until the powers-that-be eventually wise up and let you main event an episode of Raw.

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