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Hi, My Name is: Week in Review

Let's take a look back at all the Cageside Evaluations you fine readers have delivered in the past week in "Hi, My Name is" including a look at Sunny, Adam Rose, Five-Knuckle Shuffle, Umaga, and John Morrison.

Lets check out the past week's evaluations. Next week we will check out another round of Yourroleandyou vs. ReverendKain!

6/9/14 - Sunny (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.8

Best comments by: Dr. Handsome, D.D.S. and SJM1912

6/10/14 - Adam Rose (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 2.8

Best comments by: Arai and Multiverse Heavyweight Champion

6/11/14 - The Five-Knuckle Shuffle (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 2.4

Best comments by: Multiple Cagesiders - check the evaluation.

6/12/14 - Umaga (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.5

Best comments by: Hayeya and Detroit Larry

6/13/14 - John Morrison (evaluation) - Updated poll score: 3.7

Best comments by: the guy and *Asterisk*


Most Rec comment: Plan R - (About The Five-Knuckle Shuffle) - 38 Recs

"Can’t tell you much about it. I’ve never seen it."

Most Rec (with .gif or picture) comment: DFreshMMA (Cena's Devastating Punch) - 13 Recs


If you see anything in the previous posts that you want to further discuss or that wasn't discussed at all, please leave them in the comments below, so more people will see and respond to them.

Thanks, Cagesiders, see ya next week.

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