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Slapstick Saturday: 3MB gets bumped for Rolling Stones

They made a grown man cry.

Wikimedia Commons

Van Halen ... Guns 'N Roses ... 3MB?

Even the greatest of bands can break up and considering 3MB lasted nearly two years -- which is like 47 years in pro wrestling years -- they had a pretty good run. Ironically, the trio formed after becoming victimized by Brodus Clay back when "The Funkasaurus" was getting pushed.

Now, Clay and 3MB members Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal have been released.

But they left us with some pretty good memories, including the night they were bumped by the Rolling Stones. Mick Jagger and Co. were performing a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy (like your old pal Hulk Holland) and 3MB was not happy about it.

At the time, I was covering my ears, barely able to tolerate their shrieking.

But ya' don't know whatcha got ... til' it's gone. There is no reason we can't have a reunion tour at some point in the near future and if nothing else, maybe 3MB can be surprise entrants at a future Royal Rumble, or roommates in the 2034 season of Legends House.

How about it WWE fans, time to ditch those CM Punk chants in favor of 3MB?

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