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John Morrison's Cageside Evaluation

Pablo Contreras at Wikimedia Commons

What you loved:

  1. Tag Team Work - He had solid runs with Joey Mercury, R-Truth, and even...The Miz!
  2. Starship Pain - Crazy move that looked amazing when performed properly.
  3. Look - He had a great physique to go along with rock star looks that helped him stand out among the other wrestlers.
  4. Entrance - That slow motion hair blowing in the wind entrance was the best thing.
  5. Moveset - Innovator.

Best comment comes via the guy:

"I will say his entrance is the most professional wrestling thing ever. I loved it."


What you loathed:

  1. Mic Work - Pretty soft on the mic, he never really inspired when he spoke.
  2. Botch - The negative side of being innovative is a lot mistakes can occur. In his case, they occurred a lot.
  3. Main-Event - He made it to upper-mid card, but couldn't quite bust through to the main-event scene. Part of it was his mic skills, ring psychology and...
  4. Booking - Creative had multiple opportunities to pull the trigger, but they never gave him the major push he needed. Morrison, at times, was super over with the WWE crowd, so that wasn't the problem.

Best comment comes via *Asterisk*:

"He spent ten years in the WWE and never once figured out that if you can’t do a move right most of the time, stop doing the move. His promos were at best kind of shitty, and at worst the suckiest segment on the show. Most of his offense had the Kofi Kingston problem of contrivance, lack of heft, and semi-regular botches."

On to the poll! With 219 votes, John Morrison's average score is 3.7.

Thanks, Cagesiders! We will pause until Sunday's weekly recap.

Until then!

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