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Video: Bo Dallas proved he truly is Mr. NXT in fantastic segment from the June 12, 2014 episode of WWE NXT

If you missed last night (June 12, 2014)'s edition of WWE NXT, you a legitimately laugh out loud segment involving recent call-up Bo Dallas.

For those who don't follow the show on WWE Network, Bo is the longest reigning champion in NXT history. Because he was so annoying to fans, fellow wrestlers and management following losing his title, rematch and multiple shots at earning a new rematch (and in order to kayfabe his promotion to Raw and Smackdown), they had General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield book him into a match against Big E with the stipulation that if he lost, he had to leave the developmental system's flagship program.

Well, he lost, freaked out, and had a tantrum with the always interactive audience at Full Sail Live where the show is taped.

Last night, he managed to con JBL into signing him as a masked lucador named Mr. NXT. He faced Sami Zayn (in a nice bit of unaddressed continuity, since Zayn once impersonated El Local to earn a title shot against Dallas), who unmasked him, and...well, just watch the video.

For anyone wondering, for the most part, what happens on NXT doesn't "count" on the main roster, so this will not be mentioned as they run with Bo's undefeated streak on the big shows.

The beautiful thing about Dallas is, even if they did, he'd act like he didn't know what they were talking about.

BOLIEVE (or BOLEAVE, for you haters).

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