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This weekend wasn't the first time Bray Wyatt's been involved in a John Cena eye injury

And it allegedly may have lead to Husky Harris leaving the main roster and eventually becoming the character we have today.

This past weekend, John Cena suffered some kind of eye injury while working a match with Bray Wyatt.

What exactly happened isn't clear, but it did lead to some serious swelling.  While Cena didn't miss Monday night's Raw, his presence was limited to avoid close-ups and on-camera interview segments so as to not have to address the injury with Daniel Bryan out and the show already being scripted to hide a nagging injury to Randy Orton.

Interesting to note that, not only does the leader of the Cenation get poked in the eye more than the average Jon Jones opponent, but this isn't the first time it's occurred when working with Bray.

Or the man behind the Bray Wyatt character, anyway.

The Wrestler Observer passes a long an anecdote from when Windham Rotunda was working under another name:

A little known fact is that in late 2010 or early 2011, when Wyatt was Husky Harris as part of the Nexus, he was involved with Cena in an angle and accidentally poked Cena in the eye. Accidents happen, but he got heat at the time for not "apologizing enough".

The report goes on to say that the heat he got for not being contrite enough was one of, if not the reason that the Husky Harris character was written off television for good with an Orton head punt in January of 2011.

Wouldn't be the first time there was gossip about breaching pro wrestling etiquette with Cena being detrimental to your career - there have been rumors for years that part of Alex Riley's "de-push" was due to not taking a rib from 14 time champ the "right way".

Coming off of this weekend's basebrawls between the Baltimore Orioles and Oakland Athletics that were driven at least in part by the O's Manny Machado not feeling bad enough about something that both sides acknowledged was accidental, it reminds us that just because these guys are big, strong athletes, it doesn't mean they don't have sensitive souls (and that all sports have a lot of unwritten rules that are more important than us outsiders realize).

Bray Wyatt would seem to be a big enough deal now to avoid too much in the way of retribution for any perceived blame he has for Cena's latest swollen eye.  And he's probably been schooled on the correct way of apologizing now.

But it probably won't stop the pessimist and Cena-haters among us from adding this little tidbit to their arguments.

What, if anything, do you make of this, Cagesiders?

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