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WWE Payback 2014: Match Times

WWE's Payback 2014 lasted for 2 hours 57 minutes and 0 seconds (2h 57m 00s). Here is a breakdown of the timing for every single second of the show, in chronological order.

The matches are in bold. The "pre-match" includes video packages, entrances, ring introductions, and any verbal promos that occur right before a match officially begins. The "post-match" includes any celebrations, replays, angles, attacks, or promos that occur right after a match is finished.

  • 0m 20s: WWE's "Then, Now, Forever" opening
  • 2m 25s: Video hyping Payback 2014
  • 0m 27s: Cole welcomes us to Payback 2014
  • 5m 23s: Pre-match for Sheamus vs Cesaro
  • 11m 38s: Sheamus vs Cesaro
  • 1m 33s: Post-match for Sheamus vs Cesaro
  • 1m 14s: Commercial for WWE Countdown
  • 2m 03s: Pre-match for Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust
  • 7m 50s: Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust
  • 2m 20s: Post-match for Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust
  • 0m 31s: Commercial for Diet Dew
  • 0m 14s: Cole talks about the inept Chicago Cubs
  • 4m 30s: Pre-match for Rusev vs Big E
  • 3m 38s: Rusev vs Big E
  • 1m 18s: Post-match for Rusev vs Big E
  • 0m 31s: Commercial for WWE Money In The Bank 2014
  • 0m 19s: Bryan is backstage with Brie
  • 2m 40s: Pre-match for Kingston vs Dallas
  • 0m 32s: Kingston vs Dallas
  • 3m 32s: Post-match for Kingston vs Dallas
  • 1m 08s: Recap of Hornswoggle's head being shaved on the pre-show
  • 3m 33s: Pre-match for Barrett vs RVD
  • 9m 31s: Barrett vs RVD
  • 1m 15s: Post-match for Barrett vs RVD
  • 0m 19s: Plug for PPV theme song
  • 0m 24s: Commentators discuss Bryan's decision
  • 3m 37s: Video package for Bryan's decision
  • 10m 23s: Ring segment - Daniel Bryan's decision
  • 0m 45s: Commercial for WWE Legends' House
  • 0m 32s: Commentators discuss Bryan's decision
  • 9m 33s: Pre-match for Cena vs Wyatt (with a 2m 47s video package)
  • 24m 17s: Cena vs Wyatt
  • 2m 07s: Post-match for Cena vs Wyatt (celebration, replays)
  • 0m 30s: Commercial for WWE Money In The Bank 2014
  • 0m 31s: Commercial for Special Olympics 2014 USA Games
  • 1m 11s: Post-match for Cena vs Wyatt (commentators discuss match, more replays)
  • 2m 54s: Pre-match for Paige vs Alicia
  • 6m 33s: Paige vs Alicia
  • 2m 16s: Post-match for Paige vs Alicia
  • 0m 23s: Cole talks about Chicago and plugs Diet Dew
  • 1m 18s: Expert panel analysis with Matthews, Booker T, and Riley
  • 7m 27s: Pre-match for The Shield vs Evolution (with a 2m 46s video package)
  • 30m 57s: The Shield vs Evolution
  • 2m 39s: Post-match for The Shield vs Evolution

Pre-match Segments

The pre-match segments combined for a total time of 38m 03s, which is 24.4% of the show.

Here is the sorted list of pre-match segment time for all 8 matches:

  • 9m 33s: Cena vs Wyatt
  • 7m 27s: The Shield vs Evolution
  • 5m 23s: Sheamus vs Cesaro (with a 1m 56s Heyman promo)
  • 4m 30s: Rusev vs Big E (with a 1m 03s Lana promo)
  • 3m 33s: Barrett vs RVD (with a 0m 51s Barrett promo)
  • 2m 54s: Paige vs Alicia
  • 2m 40s: Kingston vs Dallas (with a 0m 36s Dallas promo)
  • 2m 03s: Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust (with a 0m 27s video recap of their pre-show segment)

Payback 2014 also included 18 separate pre-match superstar entrances.  These 18 entrances took up a total time of 22m 05s.  Here is the sorted list of these 18 entrance times:

  • 2m 21s: Sheamus (with a 0m 19s intro of Cole's announce team and a 1m 10s video recap of Cesaro feud)
  • 2m 09s: Evolution (with a 0m 21s plug for WWE Money In The Bank 2014 and a 0m 14s discussion of Triple H's instagram photo)
  • 1m 35s: John Cena
  • 1m 29s: The Wyatt Family
  • 1m 27s: Rusev
  • 1m 26s: Paige (with a 0m 20s plug for WWE Slam City)
  • 1m 23s: Alicia Fox (with a 0m 44s Raw recap of Alicia defeating Paige)
  • 1m 23s: Rob Van Dam (with a 0m 21s Raw recap of RVD beating the clock)
  • 1m 15s: Bad News Barrett (not counting his 0m 51s promo)
  • 1m 14s: The Shield
  • 1m 11s: Big E (with a 0m 35s Raw recap of the Rusev feud)
  • 1m 04s: Cesaro (with a 0m 17s intro of the Spanish announce team)
  • 1m 04s: Bo Dallas
  • 0m 49s: Rybaxel
  • 0m 45s: Cody Rhodes and Goldust
  • 0m 40s: Kofi Kingston
  • 0m 26s: Lana
  • 0m 24s: The Usos

Three other superstar entrances occurred at Payback 2014 outside of the pre-match segments.  Kane's entrance during Kingston's match lasted 0m 28s.  Stephanie's entrance prior to Bryan's decision lasted 0m 50s.  The entrance for Bryan and Brie lasted 1m 08s.  When these entrance times are added to all of the 18 pre-match entrance times listed above, it results in a total show time of 24m 31s devoted to superstar entrances.

I define a superstar's pre-match entrance time as the total time where the superstar's entrance music is playing prior to the start of a match.  The main exception to this rule is Bray Wyatt, where I also include the part where he blows out the lantern prior to the beginning of his music.

This method works pretty well for most superstars, however it can get pretty tricky if a wrestler cuts a promo on their way to the ring  This happened with Bad News Barrett at Payback 2014.  His music began to play for 0m 35s, but then it stopped so that he could deliver a 0m 51s promo.  His music then played again afterwards for about 0m 40s.  So I calculated his entrance time using only the parts where his music was playing, which excludes the 0m 51s promo in the middle.

But if you think the promo is just another part of his entrance, then his entrance time would get bumped up from 1m 15s to 2m 06s.  I am still going back and forth on whether or not that type of promo should be included in a superstar's entrance time.  Ideally I would like to keep promo time separate from entrance time, so that is why I have excluded it thus far.

The entrance time for Sheamus was extended by an unusually lengthy Raw recap of his feud with Cesaro.  Most of the time a Raw recap during a superstar's entrance lasts under 0m 45s, however it lasted for 1m 10s in this case.  When this was combined with the time needed to introduce Cole's commentary team, it resulted in the Celtic Warrior's entrance music playing for 2m 21s.

Post-match Segments

The post-match segments combined for a total time of 18m 11s, which is 10.3% of the show.

Here is the sorted list of total post-match segment time for all 8 matches:

  • 3m 32s: Kingston vs Dallas
  • 3m 18s: Cena vs Wyatt
  • 2m 39s: The Shield vs Evolution
  • 2m 20s: Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust
  • 2m 16s: Paige vs Alicia
  • 1m 33s: Sheamus vs Cesaro
  • 1m 18s: Rusev vs Big E
  • 1m 15s: Barrett vs RVD

The post-match segment for Rybaxel's match included a 1m 38s span where a defeated Cody regained his composure and eventually admitted that Goldust needed a better partner.

Kingston's match featured the shortest match time but the longest post-match segment time.  After the bell rang to signify the end of the match, Kane destroyed Kingston for 2m 12s and Bo Dallas eventually rubbed salt in Kofi's wounds with an inspirational promo lasting 0m 43s.  The commentators then discussed Kofi's anti-authority tweets for about 0m 31s.

Alicia's post-match segment included 1m 20s where she stood on the apron trying not to lose her cool but ultimately failed and ran away towards the backstage area.

Match Times

The 8 matches combined for a bell-to-bell time of 1h 34m 56s. This means that 53.6% of the show was devoted to in-ring action.

The average match time at Payback 2014 was 11m 52s.  The 0m 32s Bo Dallas match heavily skews this average down.  When that match is eliminated from consideration, the remaining 7 matches had an average match time of 13m 29s.

Here is the sorted list of match times for Payback 2014:

  • 30m 57s: The Shield vs Evolution
  • 24m 17s: Cena vs Wyatt
  • 11m 38s: Sheamus vs Cesaro
  • 9m 31s: Barrett vs RVD
  • 7m 50s: Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust
  • 6m 33s: Paige vs Alicia
  • 3m 38s: Rusev vs Big E
  • 0m 32s: Kingston vs Dallas

Orton and Batista were the only 2 men in the 6-man tag team match who failed to survive for the entire match length of 30m 57s.  Batista was eliminated at the 27m 31s mark of the match, and Orton was eliminated at 28m 38s into the match.

Kingston's match lasted for 0m 32s, and about 0m 28s of that time included Kane's entrance music playing.  The bell rang to signal a No Contest shortly after Kane and Kofi initiated contact with each other.  The match time here (0m 32s) was much shorter than both the pre-match segment time (2m 40s) and the post-match segment time (3m 32s).

Rusev's match was another short one where the pre-match segment time of 4m 30s was actually longer than the match time of 3m 38s.

Curtis Axel accumulated match time on the main card of a PPV for the first time in 2014.  That's right, he somehow missed out on both the Royal Rumble match and the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Evolution versus The Shield was the third longest main event match of a WWE PPV since the start of 2013.  It lasted longer than every single PPV main event from 2013.

This show featured two matches that lasted at least 24m 00s.  The only other PPVs since the start of 2013 that share this characteristic are WrestleMania 29, SummerSlam 2013, and WrestleMania 30.

Payback 2014 also featured 4 matches under  8m 00s in length.  The only other PPV since the start of 2013 that also featured at least that many matches below 8m 00s was SummerSlam 2013.

Ryback won for the first time on PPV since Money In The Bank 2013 where he defeated Chris Jericho.

Cesaro ended his streak of competing exclusively in group matches on PPV.  Prior to his match with Sheamus at Payback 2014, the last time Cesaro fought in a one-on-one match on the main card of a PPV was at Elimination Chamber 2013 when he successfully defended his US Championship against The Miz.

The United States Championship was defended on the main card of a PPV for the first time since Hell In A Cell 2013 where Langston defeated Ambrose with a countout finish.

Payback 2014 also featured a defense of the Intercontinental Championship. Only 2 other PPVs since the start of 2013 have featured a defense of both the IC and US Championships (Payback 2013, Night Of Champions 2013).

Miscellaneous Segments

That leaves about 25m 50s (14.6%) of the show for everything else.

This includes Bryan's decision, commercials for WWE Money In The Bank 2014, a commercial for WWE Countdown, a commercial for WWE Legends' House, Cole talking about Chicago, a commercial for Diet Dew, a video recap of Hornswoggle's pre-show head shaving, plug for the PPV theme song, a commercial for the Special Olympics 2014 USA Games, expert panel analysis, and so forth.

The segment featuring Bryan's decision included its own dedicated video package, just like the main event matches typically receive.  With that sort of pre-segment hype as well as entrances in mind, the total show time devoted to Bryan's decision was 14m 56s.  This accounted for  57.8% of all the miscellaneous segment time on the show.


Here is a listing of how much total show time was allocated for each match when you add up all 3 components: pre-match time, match time, and post-match time.

  • 41m 03s: The Shield vs Evolution (23.2% of the show)
  • 37m 08s: Cena vs Wyatt (21.0%)
  • 18m 34s: Sheamus vs Cesaro (10.5%)
  • 14m 19s: Barrett vs RVD (8.1%)
  • 12m 13s: Rybaxel vs Cody and Goldust (6.9%)
  • 11m 43s: Paige vs Alicia (6.6%)
  • 9m 26s: Rusev vs Big E (5.3%)
  • 6m 44s: Kingston vs Dallas (3.8%)

And the 14m 56s allocated to Bryan's segment took up about 8.4% of the total show time.

Hourly Results

Here is an hourly breakdown showing how the pre-match, match, post-match, and miscellaneous segment times were scattered across each hour of the show.

Hour One - Includes Sheamus vs Cesaro, Rybaxel vs Cody/Goldust, Rusev vs Big E, Kingston vs Dallas, and the beginning of Barrett vs RVD
Match - 43.3% - 25m 59s
Pre-match - 30.3% - 18m 09
Post-match - 14.5% - 8m 43s
Miscellaneous - 11.9% - 7m 09s

Hour Two - Includes most of Barrett vs RVD, Bryan's decision, and Cena vs Wyatt
Match - 52.4% - 31m 27s
Pre-match - 15.9% - 9m 33s
Post-match - 5.0% - 3m 00s
Miscellaneous - 26.7% - 16m 00s

Hour Three (actually 57m 00s) - Includes Paige vs Alicia, The Shield vs Evolution
Match - 65.8% - 37m 30s
Pre-match - 18.2% - 10m 21s
Post-match - 11.3% - 6m 28s
Miscellaneous - 4.7% - 2m 41s

The third hour lasted 57m 00s.  That makes Payback 2014 the longest 3-hour PPV that WWE has hosted since the start of 2013.  The next longest would be Extreme Rules 2013, clocking in at 2h 54m 27s.

Final Results for Payback 2014

Match - 53.6% - 1h 34m 56s

Pre-match - 21.5% - 38m 03s

Post-match - 10.3% - 18m 11s

Miscellaneous - 14.6% - 25m 50s

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