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Adam Rose's Cageside Evaluation

His name is Adam Rose and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the recent NXT call-up. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Entrance - Great theme song, tons of friends, the crowd-surf off the ropes, it's a party!
  2. Gimmick - It's just plain and simple fun.
  3. Rosebuds - Particularly the bunny (serious, who is it?!) and we get to see some of the newest people in NXT among the crowd. Can't wait to see Steen dance around!
  4. Spinebuster - One of the best in the biz.
  5. Worker - We know he's solid in the ring from his Kruger days. Hopefully Creative allows for a better moveset as Adam Rose.

Best comment comes via Arai:

"Am I the only person thinks ‘the Exotic Express’ sounds like a traveling brothel?"


What you loathed:

  1. Party Time! - Okay so he likes to party, this much is clear. So if he just wants to party, then why is he a wrestler? He doesn't exactly flip a switch and go nuts in the ring, so what's his motivation?
  2. Not Leo Kruger - I'm curious why WWE switched him in the first place, and if they immediately regret this decision.
  3. Depth - What we know of his character is made painfully obvious, but there must be more to Rose's partying ways. This simply could be a time thing, but this gimmick was rushed to the main roster for sure.
  4. Gimmick - Some of you like to party, not just watch a party.
  5. Debut - Thanks Creative!

Best comments comes from Multiverse Heavyweight Champion:

"What really annoys me about the character is that he is a wrestler who has such little interest in wrestling. He just wants to party. There doesn’t seem to be any room for championship ambitions or proving himself, or even taking part in conflict at all except to save members of the Exotic Express after they inevitably piss someone (Camacho) off. So if he doesn’t want to fight, doesn’t want to achieve anything as a wrestler, and wants to party instead, why is he there?"

On to the poll! With 219 votes, Adam Rose's average score is 2.8.

Tomorrow's pick is a move, and it's horrendous.

Until then!

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