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WWE Payback 2014 Preview: The Shield vs. Evolution

No holds are barred, so expect some choking, maybe but probably not.

The match:

The Shield vs. Evolution in a no holds barred elimination match

The players:

The Shield: United and stronger than ever, the trio comprised of Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose have found new life as a babyface crew of badass hitmen who take everyone out whenever they want, however they want.

Evolution: Comprised of Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista, they're still united but feeling the strain brought on by repeated failure. Heeling is one thing, winning another. They've come up on the short end of stick all throughout this program.

The feud:

The Shield first crossed the boss when he was trying to continue screwing over Daniel Bryan following WrestleMania 30. This led to an incensed Triple H reforming Evolution and setting up a match at Extreme Rules, one that saw Reigns pin Batista while Rollins and Ambrose had Triple H and Orton off somewhere beat up in the arena.

The feud continued the very next night when Ambrose was placed in an impossible position and ultimately lost his U.S. title in a battle royal.

What transpired over the next few weeks was fairly simple booking: Evolution would create a scenario to get the upper hand, then get it. The Shield would return later to get their revenge for that. And so it went until the contract signing ended with Evolution getting the upper hand on the Raw go home show.

We'll see if that makes any difference for this match.

What to expect:

This is an elimination match, so expect psychology centered around creating future issues.

Batista is likely going on hiatus after Raw tomorrow night, so his booking is of particular interest.

It's going to be a great match.


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