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TNA continues introducing new talent with Bram (formerly WWE NXT's Kenneth Cameron)

A mysterious stranger from Magnus' past appeared on Impact last week to motivate the former TNA World Champ. The man behind that character has a pretty interesting past himself.

Those who caught last week's episode of Impact Wresting on Spike TV saw TNA introduce another new face to their promotion when "Bram" showed up to confront former World champion Magnus. The latest in a line of talent hired to replace longtime (and presumably more expensive) regulars like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin, the new Brit not only provides fresh blood but also a story to rejuvenate Magnus, who was not booked terribly strongly as TNA champ.

The company is driving discussion of the new guy by promoting a Twitter hashtag #WHOISBRAM?, and building the story online. An article recently posted on includes the following backstory:

Bram hails from Chesterfield, UK and was a life-long friend of Magnus. Bram is said to be an extremely violent and dangerous hooligan and the rumors insist that Magnus was once seen as the same. We're told that the bar brawls and ruthless violence in their past has become something of a British legend. This leads us to question what separated Bram and Magnus and why is Bram here now? Perhaps even more so, it begs the question: where has this side of Magnus been and will we see the reign of Magnus return if it is unleashed again?

In real life, Bram is Thomas Latimer. He joins Knux and Ethan Carter III as another wrestler "future endeavor"ed by WWE who has now found his way to Orlando. Unlike those guys, however, the 27 year old Latimer left abruptly when he was charged with assaulting a police officer in St. Petersburg, Florida while intoxicated, ending his run in The Acension gimmick under the ring name Kenneth Cameron.

Latimer is still connected to WWE, as he is married to Ashley Fliehr, better known as NXT talent Charlotte. Which also makes him the son-in-law of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair.

What do you think, Cagesiders? Excited for more new faces on Impact, or more hopelessly drafting behind WWE?

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