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Video: WWE tribute to Connor Michalek (aka Daniel Bryan's Make-A-Wish friend)

If you're feeling at all negative about WWE coming out of Extreme Rules and last night's Raw, watch this video and be reminded that everyone involved really just wants to make lives a little better by entertaining you, the fan, and watch the joy pro wrestling brings to one child and his family.

While we have every right to criticize the WWE and the product they produce as fans who love pro wrestling and dedicate our time and money to watching their shows, it's good to remember that everyone from the McMahons down to the crew are interested in entertaining fans. And that they do good work for their young fans, especially the very ill children who love WWE and the characters their employees portray.

This video they produced about one special young fan who recently lost his battle with cancer will certainly make you remember that. It's wonderful to think that Daniel Bryan, Triple H, Batista, Stephanie McMahon and others were able to bring happiness to "Connor the Crusher" and his family, and that everyone involved could experience the beauty of being a fan and sharing joy through their story.

The backstory of Connor Michalek's relationship with WWE can be found here.

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