The Wyatt Family are still the bad guys

Sunday night (May 4, 2014) at Extreme Rules in New Jersey, John Cena defeated three men in a steel cage match.

He was prevented from claiming his final victory only when a child with a voice like a mix of Barry White and masked Kane decided to sing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" as Cena was leaving the steel cage with three men, two of them giants, in his wake.

From a professional wrestling standpoint, this was completely idiotic, and only served to make the three men left inside the cage look like absolute chumps with no prayer of defeating Cena, or, for that matter, almost anyone, especially after he had already beaten them in another three-on-one handicap match (unofficially then, too), and their leader in a one-on-one match.

This should not have happened.

There is, however, a sizable group claiming that this, combined with the other defeats and a couple of other insults along the road, has made John Cena the villain.

There's just one problem with this theory: The three men he defeated are the Wyatt Family, and they are a deranged backwoods cult bent on world domination. While I do not defend in the least the way they've had Cena run roughshod over these three men, he cannot be seen as the bad guy.

Is there anything inherently villainous about winning easily? Certainly not.

Is there even anything inherently villainous about running down your opponents? Again, there is not.

Furthermore, we must look at what the Wyatt Family has done in order to become so evil.

First of all, their leader, Bray Wyatt's, message is that society is a twisted facade of lies and falsehood, and that all heroes are just fronts covering up their own dark hearts. The solution he offers? Why, to destroy them all and install him as the only leader!

Anyone with a cursory knowledge of history can attest that this is the classic move of the dictator, where the only possible solution to the evils of the king/president/theocrat/what have you is to put him in their place, at which point all the problems of the world will go away.

What's more, the Wyatt Family has been shown to practice brainwashing. In their introductory videos, they clearly showed the group's lieutenant, Luke Harper, repeating "Obey," to a vacant-eyed Erick Rowan. After defeating Kane in a ring of fire match at SummerSlam, they hauled him off and he disappeared for a few months with an entirely different personality.

They attempted multiple times to forcibly convert Daniel Bryan, and seemed to have succeeded. Compared to this, how bad are photoshopped pictures of the Wyatts as fat southern belles, or promos detailing how Bray Wyatt should buy a donkey so that Cena can put his foot in his ass?

Once again, I don't mean to defend the way this feud has been booked. The Wyatts should be portrayed as far more of a threat to Cena than they are, especially given that Bray pinned the two men pegged for "next face of the company" before fighting Cena.

What makes absolutely no sense is the claim that Cena is somehow the villain in all of this. It is pure wishful thinking, and is not borne out in the slightest by the actual facts about the two parties.

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