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Alexander Rusev and Lana's Cageside Evaluation

Their names are Alexander Rusev and Lana and Cageside Seats readers have reported back on what they love and loathe about the Bulgarian duo. Here's the full evaluation.

What you loved:

  1. Athletic - Think Umaga; hoss like body, but agile as a friggin' cat. A guy his size should not move like that.
  2. Lana - She's stunning, and has possibly the nicest legs in the WWE, sorry Fandango. Along with her new strut, she's got some quality details, like her nod to Rusev down the ramp, and "Rusev, crush!"
  3. Potential - This gimmick could work thanks to the combo of Rusev and Lana, mostly Lana though. They are a great duo, and are a presence when they come down the aisle.
  4. Gets Heat - This is specific to Lana, she is able to get some boo's going, before her guy even comes out, always important.
  5. Entrance Themes - They each have their own, and both fit nicely to their characters.

My favorite comment comes via tkatt00:



What you loathed:

  1. Squash Matches - That's all Rusev has done so far in his WWE career. Maybe tonight he'll get a tougher opponent that will put up a fight.
  2. Finisher - Kind of boring, many of you were not fans of "The Accolade."
  3. Tired Gimmick - Oh the foreign heel gimmick, it will never go away, Lana could save this one though.
  4. Needs a Feud - Much like having too many squash matches, he needs to battle a stronger opponent. Who do you guys think it should be?
  5. Rusev - Some of you don't like him as a wrestler, gimmick, or anything really. It's very possibly this gimmick will be gone within a year.

My favorite comment comes via The Notorious Eddie Mac:

"Things I hate: That she’s saddled with Alexander Rusev. He’s the Fandango to her Summer Rae. (Lana) Needs more "if he dies, he dies" or "I must break you". Come on. One of those lines. One freaking time. We all know what is the inspiration behind the gimmick."

On to the poll. With 191 votes, Alexander and Lana's average score is 3.4

Thanks, Cagesiders! Tomorrow's pick is kind of like a hug.


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