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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 match card preview: Evolution vs. The Shield

One of the greatest stables in history takes on Evolution!

The match:

Evolution vs. The Shield in a six-man tag team showcase.

The players:

Evolution: They are Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton. They are a super cool group of rich men who like to ride in limousines, party with beautiful women, and wear moderately nice clothing. They also routinely wear sunglasses indoors. They boast many world titles among them. Shovels, skinny jeans, and sledgehammers not included.

The Shield: They are Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. They are the Hounds of Justice, out to right wrongs after months of committing so many themselves. They speak strangely and carry a big Superman punch. Clad in all black, you may not see them coming ... actually you will, because they always come through the crowd and those idiots always point them out. Plus, their music plays. That's weird.

The feud:

When Triple H had his ego beaten and bruised up by his inability to defeat Daniel Bryan, both in a straight up singles match and later in a triple threat where he was simply offering assistance to Batista and Randy Orton, he decided to book himself into a title match and recruit help from his former stablemates.

That's when The Shield got involved.

They made the save, crossing the boss -- via wicked spear -- in the process. Because his ego had already taken a pounding, "The Game" decided to play it and book The Shield in an 11-on-3 handicap match. This was the quickest route to leaving them vulnerable to a beating from the now officially reformed Evolution.

The two sides would go back and forth, culminating in a big brawl on the go home episode of Monday Night Raw after a Reigns vs. Orton singles match broke down in chaos. Ric Flair also made an appearance for a bizarre promo endorsing The Shield but he later said not to look too far into it.

Okay then.

What to expect:

Evolution will take a long time getting to the ring.

So will The Shield.

This is probably the main event.

It will be a damn good match.

The heels are likely going over to set up the return match later.


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