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Extreme Rules 2014 match card preview: John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt

One cult, Cenation, against another, The Wyatt Family.

The match:

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt ... inside a STEEL CAGE!

The players:

John Cena: He is the leader of the Cenation, which, fittingly enough, is essentially a cult of its own. This man can do no wrong, despite the fact that he has, many, many times, and he stands on a pedestal of hustling, being loyal, and showing respect. His opponent, Bray, seeks to convince his vast group of followers that his message is phony and he is a false prophet. He seeks victory because that is his most effective tool to continue belief in his unending success.

Bray Wyatt: He is the backwoods cult leader who believes this is all hogwash and wants you, dear fan, to be made aware of his truth: that all your heroes are absolutely full of it. This rings especially true for his opponent here because Cena is the most popular and has the most reach. He seeks to sway the masses with his expertly delivered message. Down with the machine!

The feud:

The build to their first match at WrestleMania 30 was all about Bray trying to bring the monster out of Cena. It was explicitly said that, well, they didn't care who won, just that Bray would prove that Cena would do anything to preserve his legacy.

Cena, baffling everyone, basically echoed this sentiment. He even "lost his cool" in the match -- where he went over clean as a whistle -- before apologizing for it.

And the feud went on.

The focus shifted to the fact that Bray, as he soldiers on in his battle against good, is slowly but surely winning over Cena's legions of fans. This point was best driven home in the segment that aired on the go home edition of Monday Night Raw showing a choir of children singing along with Bray and wearing sheep masks.

Now, the idea is Cena must fight to stop the monster from escaping the cage to push his message to the masses. A loss would lend credibility to Wyatt's sermon.

What you can expect:

Smoke and mirrors.

The tease of a Cena loss but ultimate triumph.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper to look scary but be wildly ineffective in helping Wyatt reach his goal.

WWE announcers telling you winning and losing doesn't matter in a wrestling match that only ends when someone wins and someone loses.

A finish that makes Cena look good in going over but somehow preserves Wyatt's standing as a top heel.


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