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Wrestler Wrankings™: 2014-15 Season, Week 4

No longer a block of superstars at the top but instead a Bloc superstar!

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WWE Main Event started with a bang way back in 2012. The eponymous match on the first episode pitted a peak Sheamus, smack in the middle of a lengthy run with the World Heavyweight Championship, against WWE Champion CM Punk, in the throes of his record-breaking reign.

It was a unique matchup that was worth certainly worthy of our collective attention.

Subesquent episodes of the show featured semi-frequent defenses of the United States, Intercontinental, and Tag Team Championships and appearances by relevant top-of-card wrestlers as befits a show called "Main Event." This initial hot run of entertaining television programs led a significant slice of the Wrankings readership to insist that Main Event be added to our scoring canon. Against my better judgement, I immedietely acquiesced.

Smash cut to today and Main Event has decayed to a point where it's a shadow of it's former self. The matches are of questionable quality, featuring less than premium talent, and the show no longer maintains a consistent theme to carry it in lieu of top athletes. Simply put, the show stinks. Things have gotten so bad that Main Event isn't even on television anymore, but instead relegated to a WWE Network exclusive. Since that initial run, the show has devolved from the premiere place to see up and comers battle established stars, to a premiere way to waste your Wednesday evening with unimportant wrestling competition and frequent recaps of other WWE programming.

As the show has sunk to new depths, I have searched for an opportune time to broach the subject of banishing it to the scoring scrapheap. I'm willing to chalk it up as a lesson against rash decisions that satisfy immediate impulses, but can have long-lasting negative ramifications.

Astute readers may have noticed that I excluded Main Event from the Wrankings last week as a bit of a test run. But now I ask you dear reader, should we reinstate Main Event as Randy Savage was reinstated in Autumn of 1991?

Convince me in the comments section or it will be a goner, pending future revelatory changes to the show's quality and relevance!


Monday Night Raw -- 4/28/14

  • Alexandar Rusev - 2 points (win)
  • Cesaro - 2 points (win)
  • Bad News Barrett - 2 points (win)
  • Sheamus - 2 points (win)
  • Alberto Del Rio - 2 points (win)
  • SmackDown -- 5/2/14

  • Dean Ambrose - 3 points (US title bout, win)
  • Curtis Axel - 1 points (US title bout, no win)
  • Alberto Del Rio - 1 points (US title bout, no win)
  • Ryback - 1 points (US title bout, no win)
  • Alexandar Rusev - 2 points (win)
  • Rob Van Dam - 2 points (win)
  • Big E - 2 points (win)
  • Dolph Ziggler - 2 points (win)
  • -----------------------------------



    1. ALEXANDER RUSEV -- 12 points

    T2. Bad News Barrett -- 10 points

    T2. Cesaro -- 10 points

    T2. Rob Van Dam -- 10 points

    T5. Big E -- 4

    T5. Sheamus -- 4

    T7. Alberto Del Rio -- 3

    T7. Curtis Axel -- 3

    T7. Dean Ambrose -- 3

    T10. Batista -- 2

    T10. El Torito -- 2

    T10. Fandango -- 2

    T10. John Cena -- 2

    T10. Santino Marella -- 2

    Thanks for reading, Cagesiders. We'll see you back here next week!

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