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Yes or No: Will The Shield vs. Evolution be the best match at Payback?

In this series, we answer the hard questions with a simple yes or no. Today: Will The Shield vs. Evolution be the best match this Sunday at Payback?

During Wrestlemania XXX week I did a string of these articles for you guys. Before we get onto today's question, let's do a quick review and see if you answered correctly!

  1. Could WrestleMania XXX be the best ever? - 42 percent said Yes, 58 percent said No. While it was a good show, I think you guys got it right, not the best ever.
  2. Is AJ Lee leaving Wrestlemania XXX as Divas Champion? - 60 percent said Yes, 40 percent said No. Even with the odds stack against her, she did come out as champion, another correct answer.
  3. Is the potential Shield break up a good thing? - 18 percent said Yes, 82 percent said No. They are obviously still together, now as faces, which has been awesome to watch.
  4. Will CM Punk appear at WrestleMania XXX? - 55 percent said Yes, 45 percent said No. Side Note: This poll got over 4400 votes! The majority was hoping and wishing he would show, but alas, no luck. 3-4 correct so far.
  5. Will Bray Wyatt beat John Cena clean? - 46 percent said Yes, 54 percent said No. Great storytelling in this match, but unfortunately Cena won, yet again.
  6. Does Sting make an appearance at WrestleMania XXX? - 41 percent said Yes, 59 percent said No. He was nowhere to be found, honestly the way Taker got beat down, it would have been silly for him to show up afterwards. You guys are batting 5 for 6!
  7. Will Daniel Bryan leave WrestleMania XXX as champion? - 88 percent said Yes, 12 percent said No. A confident bunch you are, and also correct! 6 for 7, not too shabby Cagesiders.

Looking back, it's interesting I didn't even bother wisth a streak-related question because we all knew Brock Lesnar was losing that match, right?



If this is your first read through, this series goes like this: A tough question will be asked and in the poll you may vote simply Yes or No. In the comments you're more than welcome to explain why you voted that way.


Today's question: Will The Shield vs. Evolution be the best match this Sunday at Payback?

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