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WWE Payback 2014 match card preview: Hornswoggle vs. El Torito

Their feud has raged for months. It's featured wins and losses, tables, ladders and chairs. This Sunday on the WWE Network Kick-off, one of the little people will lose something dear to's El Torito's MASK on the line against Hornswoggle's HAIR!

Hair vs. Mask on the Kickoff Show

El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

WWE calls it "the biggest little rivalry" in the company.  It's sure been going on long enough.  At 7:30PM Eastern time, Sunday June 1st on WWE Network and in Rosemont, Illinois at the Allstate Arena, Los Matadores' bull and 3MB's half member will raise the stakes when each puts something very valuable up for their latest battle on the Payback Kick-Off show!

The Road to Payback

Many scoffed when these men were given the same slow on May's Extreme Rules show, in a contest that met the name of that event by making tables, ladder and chairs legal.  Usually, WWE would call that a TLC match.  Because 'Swoggle and Torito are little people, they called their version WeeLC.

Get it?

Despite the joke in the name of the match, and many more jokes surrounding it, including and coming from special commentators Micro Cole, Wee BL and Jerry Smaller, the wrestlers brought it.  Both the featured competitors and their partners, Fernando & Diego of Los Matadores and Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal of 3MB, went all out to provide some family-friendly violence to start the show.

Torito ended up with the victory when he was able to put Horny through a table.

The two men and their stables have continued to circle each other in the month since Extreme Rules.  3MB rudely interrupted a Cinco de Mayo celebration, with 'Swoggle defiantly rejecting Torito's olive branch of delicious candies.  Since then, and most humiliating to the rock n rollers, the little bull has beaten each of their full-sized members in one-on-one action.

Just this past Monday on Raw, however, 3MB got a measure of revenge.  After another lose by Drew McIntyre to Torito, Hornswoggle tried to remove his mask, but had to settle for the tail.  He then added insult to injury by whipping him - with his own tail!

That bull is going to be muy enojado come Sunday.

What's at Stake?

A rock and roll star's hair!  A luchador's mask!  How can we measure the value of either?!?!  The winner will get the privilege of relieving the loser of his most valued possession.

Also, the future of minis in WWE, a hot start to the show in front of what could be a hostile crowd and whatever is left of Drew McIntrye's self-respect.

Will we see Hornswoggle's bald head ot El Torito's human face on Sunday night?  If you care (or even if you don't) stick with Cageside Seats for all your Payback news and analysis!

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